Lego Women of Nasa

LEGO launches Women of NASA

The world's favourite plastic building block toy is giving the accomplishments of NASA's brightest women a platform with its new Women of NASA set, which aims to inspire all children to pursue their STEM dreams.



GUEST POST: What’s so smart about medical device packaging?

‘Smart packaging’ – it’s a buzzword that’s popped up in multiple industries recently – consumer, food – and yes, even medtech. Med-Tech Innovation’s Dave Gray examines this hot new trend. more

31 May 2018 15:44 guest blogs

Women make up just 5% of IMM manufacturer boards

I took a look at the boards of ten of the world’s biggest injection moulding machinery companies and counted 59 senior management executives and directors. Of those 59, three are women. That’s five per cent. more

25 May 2018 16:12 editor's blog

How to have a super NPE

With NPE 2018 just days away, EPPM Editor Rose Brooke has some pointers to help NPE first-timers have a super show. more

3 May 2018 16:36 editor's blog

Why don’t environmental influencers engage with the plastics industry?

Environmental influencers are fighting for the same cause as the plastics industry – to eliminate plastic waste from the environment – and yet they do not engage in conversation with us. Rose Brooke responds to an editorial by Natalie Bennett. more

1 May 2018 16:29 editor's blog