A salty subject?

Crisps are more than just a guilty pleasure – their packaging is an environmental hazard. Rose Brooke – a crisp connoisseur – looks at why we can’t recycle crisp packets and what the most sustainable route is for them at end of life.



Carbon black under the microscope

From its ancient history in China and Egypt, to the importance of particle size, to its incredible conductive properties, we take a closer look at carbon black and how it’s helped shape civilisation. more

2 Oct 2018 12:08 editor's blog

Riding on air at Fakuma

Fakuma comes around again in three weeks and the European plastics industry collectively looks forward to a week at one of the sector’s best-loved shows. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke looks at just why the event is so popular. more

25 Sep 2018 10:17 editor's blog

Awakening of the Eco Warrior 2.0

The war on plastics has led to the awakening of the Eco Warrior 2.0, but does this well-meaning everyday environmental activist need another upgrade if change is really going to happen? more

7 Sep 2018 15:43 editor's blog

Does your conference have a diversity problem?

Show season is about to begin again, which means conference programmes under the spotlight. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke considers the gender diversity problem at conferences and how to influence change. more

23 Aug 2018 17:03 editor's blog 2 Comments

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