How to have a super NPE

With NPE 2018 just days away, EPPM Editor Rose Brooke has some pointers to help NPE first-timers have a super show. more

3 May 2018 16:36 editor's blog

Why don’t environmental influencers engage with the plastics industry?

Environmental influencers are fighting for the same cause as the plastics industry – to eliminate plastic waste from the environment – and yet they do not engage in conversation with us. Rose Brooke responds to an editorial by Natalie Bennett. more

1 May 2018 16:29 editor's blog

Just how real is sustainability on the shelf?

EPPM Editor Rose Brooke’s blog on green consumerism asks if sustainability on the shelf is something we are seeing more of, do the brands making green promises do enough for their customers? more

20 Apr 2018 10:56 editor's blog

JEC world 2018 in pictures

The EPPM team was at JEC World 2018 this week where we were blown away by the amazing ways composites are being used to expand the horizons of aerospace, sport, automotive, defence, construction, E&E and dozens more industries. more

9 Mar 2018 12:29 editor's blog

Have we finally grown out of 'stand dollies'?

In plastics, the 'stand dolly' or 'promo girl' is a familiar concept, but has the time now come to admit that it's an out-dated form of marketing unfit for the modern trade show? more

19 Feb 2018 11:30 editor's blog

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