Prague, Czech Republic

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Champions league vinyl

This year’s Vinyl Plus Sustainability Forum was hosted at the Hilton Prague, and the Czech Republic’s Environment Minister Richard Brabec welcomed players, stakeholders and journalists as discussions on sustainability and circularity began Read more

14 May 2019 14:22 editor's blog

Are you Searious…?

EPPM approached Willemijn Peeters to find out what has driven her to numerous successes and achievements, as well as what continues to drive her ambition to change the world, and the world of plastics production Read more

25 Apr 2019 11:55 editor's blog

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Make it Slo

Slovenia is reinventing itself as a platform for internationalisation by embracing new technologies and networking strategies, whilst proudly putting its rich cultural and natural history on display for the world to see. Read more

18 Mar 2019 15:44 editor's blog

Response and responsibility

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Response and responsibility

The plastic problem no longer requires explanation as it has become synonymous with the 21st century human condition. Read more

5 Mar 2019 14:15 editor's blog


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Bag it up

With the world’s media asking questions of the packaging industry, and of single-use plastic carrier bags in particular, EPPM got in touch and asked Alpha for their definition of the environmental pros and cons of the familiar shopping receptacle Read more

14 Feb 2019 15:16 editor's blog

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