Does your conference have a diversity problem?



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Gender equality

I dont understand the article sense - from my point of view the gender equality is not relevant argument, I never considered people quality by is maybe modern but totally psychopatic behavior. Sorry, you can´t improve your proffessional position by emphasizing your gender. No organ you have for your sexual activities can´t increase your education level and proffessional behavior. None. Those who think this way are politically left oriented stupid ones, sorry.

Atwa 15 days ago

No need to apologise

No need to apologise. But gender and multi-ethnic representation at senior level and at conferences should be representative of the entire workforce, just as governments should be representative of their country. There are plenty of women working in plastics, and yet so few in the boardrooms - why is that? Perhaps it is because they are overlooked for not fitting a leadership mould? Perhaps the workplace isn't flexible, preventing mothers with childcare to sort out from advancing at work? The gender gap exists, and I agree entirely with you that a person's 'quality' has nothing to do with gender. That's the point. So are the vast majority of women and ethnic minorities just not good enough? That's hard to believe.

Rose Brooke 13 days ago

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