Plastics manufacturing trends for 2018



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Thanks for the article. I think that the industry needs to start talking about volume reduction to be credible, and also about eliminating nasty plastics like polystyrene. There is so much silly one touch disposable plastic these days - which is most of the problem, the industry will not be credible if it just talks about recycling and light-weighting. We need less of it!

greg 285 days ago

re: reduction?

Thanks for your comments and as a consumer I quite agree! I took delivery of a new fridge this week and the polystyrene packaging filled an entire refuse sack - it did not feel good putting that in my landfill bin. Research needs to be done to ensure all packaging can be recycled. Amazon is doing well with its compostable polymer pillow packaging but we need an efficient alternative to blocks of polystyrene as they exist today - or a stream for recycled polystyrene blocks needs to go mainstream.

Rose Brooke 285 days ago

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