'Why don't we make all our plastics from hemp' and other silly arguments



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Truth About Plastics

Rose Broke's comments are an example of spin and explaining away the destruction of our planet. Plastic has increasingly become more of an environmental hazard, threatening our planet. We need ways to reduce the plastic problem, not lie about it or make excuses. And there are things we can do:

1) Hemp and biodegradable plastics ARE part of the solution.

Nobody is saying that they must be a complete or perfect replacement, but rather they can help REDUCE the problem. Doing nothing, except producing more plastic pollution, is: laziness, greed, and destructive.

2) Doing research and testing is a lot cheaper than finding a new planet.

Let's not pretend there is no money to find alternatives, other than staying the course and destroying the environment. If the plastic industry was finding viable solutions to reduce the problem, there would be less talking about banning.

John 238 days ago

Re: truth about plastics

Hi John, thanks for commenting. I do like an engaging debate and you raise a lot of interesting points which I had hoped the article cleared up a bit.

I do agree that polymers from bioplastic feedstocks can in some cases be ideal for certain applications, but not all. And at no point do I dismiss research and testing for end markets for recycled materials. We should be investing in end markets for recycled materials and ensuring the best materials for the job are used with as little carbon wastage along the entire supply chain as possible. This is an editorial piece and therefore my opinion but your arguments are of course valid and reflect a lot of other people's views.

Rose Brooke 236 days ago