Plastics producers in danger of becoming household names for all the wrong reasons


Plastics producers in danger of becoming household names for all the wrong reasons

John Richardson, Senior Consultant Asia, ICIS, warns that plastics producers could become a household name - for all the wrong reasons. Read more

25 Oct 2019 10:32 guest blogs

iMulch Consortium


What is the impact of agricultural mulch foils on terrestrial ecosystems?

In the “iMulch” project, funded by the EU and the German federate state North Rhine-Westphalia, scientists are developing new measuring methods to analyse the effects of plastics (micro and macro plastics) on soils and drainage waters. Read more

9 Oct 2019 10:13 guest blogs

Beck Automation and partners aim to redefine the possible

There is no doubt that the K 2019 trade fair will take place in the shadow of the discussion about environmental protection and the correct use of plastic. Read more

1 Oct 2019 09:45 guest blogs

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CRP Technology

Rebuilding components with Reverse Engineering, LS technology and Windform composite materials: how advanced technologies allow companies to save time and money

Advanced technologies can be applied to many cases, including the reproduction of broken or worn components, whose spare parts are difficult to obtain or no longer available. Read more

26 Sep 2019 12:48 guest blogs

Digital developments


Digital developments

Ypsomed and HARTING collaborate on development of Industry 4.0 digital control systems for retrofitting to plastic injection moulding machines Read more

20 Sep 2019 11:44 guest blogs

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