Current trends in bioresin manufacturing

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Current trends in bioresin manufacturing

US-based STEM researcher and writer Megan Nichols takes a closer look at the current trends in bioresin manufacturing and where the industry expects to go in the coming years. Read more

16 Jul 2019 10:11 guest blogs

Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

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Large, lightweight and torsionally stiff

Tepex dynalite continuous-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite sheets from specialty chemicals company LANXESS can be used to manufacture even large, highly integrated structural components for automotive lightweight design. Read more

9 Jul 2019 10:02 guest blogs

“In Germany, the PVC window cycle works very well”

In this guest blog Jörg Frömming Sales Manager at Dekura GmbH is answering questions from VDMA about Circular Economy. Read more

5 Jul 2019 09:41 guest blogs

PVC cables and their contribution to UN SDGs


PVC cables and their contribution to UN SDGs

President of the Italian PVC Forum and PVC4Cables Spokesperson Carlo Ciotti discusses the environmental advantages of PVC. Read more

12 Jun 2019 14:57 guest blogs



Reducing Clamping Force Requirements via Virtual DoE

SIGMASOFT finds optimum gating to reduce injection pressure Read more

4 Jun 2019 15:12 guest blogs

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