Ocean plastics may buoy Europe R-PET market

Matt Tudball, Senior Editor, Recycling, ICIS, examines the increased focus being placed on recycled plastics and how Ocean plastics could help boost the market. Read more

23 Jun 2020 13:34 guest blogs

Safety Tips Plastic Manufacturers Need to Follow

In the following article STEM writer, Megan Nichols, considers the health and safety advice that plastics processing facilities and other manufacturers should follow. Read more

20 May 2020 11:03 guest blogs

Robot users can benefit from artificial intelligence

Oliver Giertz, Product Manager EMEA for Servo/Motion and Robotics at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V, looks at some of the key benefits of artificial intelligence in robots. Read more

24 Apr 2020 14:03 guest blogs

All hail the hidden heroes of plastics


All hail the hidden heroes of plastics

Pete Beavis, senior sector specialist and materials scientist at R&D tax credit specialist ForrestBrown, explains why we need to stop demonising plastics, approach new bioplastics with care, and celebrate the innovators. Read more

17 Apr 2020 09:17 guest blogs

Monitoring towards excellence

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Monitoring towards excellence

Maillefer’s Research and Development Director Mikko Lahti discusses Smart Monitoring as a novel and intuitive approach into the wire, cable, pipe and tube manufacturing environments. Read more

1 Apr 2020 12:37 guest blogs

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