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Plastic contamination

The CO2 savings are clearly enormous. However, and keeping in mind I know zilch about chemistry e.g. polypropylene ; with all the controversy about Bisphenol ...for when the next scare ?
As a consumer, I choose glass every time. Some may be chuckling, but I think there's not much GENERAL awareness as to how plastics are made, what compositions of plastics have a long history of being "safe" besides maybe Tupperware and I don't even know what material Tups are made of...Anyone have time for a quick reply?

Shirley more than 2 years ago


Hi Shirley, thanks for commenting. We see a lot about BPAs and BPA-free plastics and it's certainly used as a big marketing hook for a lot of products. There's evidence on both sides about the perceived dangers but this fascinating feature with Bayer MaterialScience (now Covestro) we published last year was a bit of an eye-opener if you want to read the other side of the story. http://www.eppm.com/materials/restoring-consumer-confidence-in-bpa/

And as for the environmental benefits of plastics in packaging over glass (yes - even wine bottles), our front cover from January with Albis on plastic packaging as the underdog of sustainability gave me quite the re-education. http://www.eppm.com/materials/packaging-and-sustainability-its-not-black-and-white/

Happy reading and please let me know your thoughts as a consumer!

Rose Brooke (Editor)

RoseB (EPPM) more than 2 years ago

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