Vindicated: Plastics are green after all



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55% recycling?!

Readers beware: This report's "environmental costs savings" calculation is based on the absurd presumption that 55% of all plastic packaging and products will be recycled. Currently the industry is recycling less than 1% of post-consumer plastics like PVC and polystyrene.

Jim Vallette more than 2 years ago

Plastics recycling figures

Thank you for your comment. I can't speak for recycling rates in Asia and the US, but in Europe, 8.3 per cent of all post-consumer plastics is sent for recycling and this figure is growing every year. The bad news is one-third of the plastics collected for recycling does not end up being recycled languishing in landfill but this figure is shrinking as better recycling machinery becomes available to the wider industry and as more funding is secured at government level to process hard-to-recycle plastics like agri films.

It's not perfect but in a short time it's come a very long way and the industry is working fiercely to be greener.

RoseB (EPPM) more than 2 years ago

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