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EPPM at K 2019

K 2019 will be the event of all events in 2019. This section is where you’ll find key information, news and updates about the show. To submit news, or to find out more about our K advertising packages, click below.

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Kistler adds AI to plastics processing


Switzerland-based solution provider Kistler’s measurement technology experts will welcome visitors to K 2019 where they can learn how artificial intelligence will smooth the path to the smart factories of the future. Read more

K 2019

Kiefel Packaging’s tray-to-tray recycling at K

Kiefel Packaging

Each year approximately $100bn (~€90bn) of plastic packaging material value is lost from the economy. It is therefore essential to consider used plastic as a resource from both a sustainability and an economic perspective. Read more

K 2019

Steinert brings black back to K


The plastics industry is concerned with strict legislation and a social sense of responsibility for recovering plastics, and black plastics represent a particular detection and sorting challenge in standard recycling plants. Read more

K 2019

Sodick launches high-end IM machines in Europe

Sodick Europe

Sodick, already a leader with its EDM equipment, is launching a range of high-end plastic injection moulding machines to the European market at K. Read more

K 2019

Lindner launches new hot-wash system

Lindner Washtech

Recyclates that are barely distinguishable from virgin material is what plastics processing specialist Lindner had in mind when developing the new hot-wash system to be presented at K 2019. Read more

K 2019