Lubrizol announce new materials for sports and recreation TPU innovation

New materials from Lubrizol, Estane TRX and BounCell-X, allow for innovative solutions for sports and recreation.

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Discharger Safety Cage


A new BULK-OUT Model BFF Bulk Bag Discharger from Flexicon features a steel safety cage to prevent contact with moving parts during operation and automated unloading of bulk bags. Read more


Technyl BLUE extrusion grades for Battery cooling pipes


Solvay Performance Polyamides’ Technyl Blue range, the market reference for thermal management, has been enriched with new grades specifically designed for electric vehicle (EVs/HEVs). Read more


Perstorp to expand Ymer non-ionic dispersing monomer range

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Perstorp, a global leader in the specialty chemicals market, has announced the extension of its Ymer non-ionic dispersing monomer product range for Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD). Read more


Suntory Group joins Global Plastic Action Partnership

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Suntory Group has joined the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) to help reduce plastic waste and pollution and exercise dynamic leadership in the transformation to a circular, post-carbon world. Read more


RecyClass platform tests VO+ LLDPE film

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The findings of an independent laboratory testing of ‘VO+ LLDPE’ technology show that it has minor recyclability issues and is suitable for recycling in a polyethylene film stream. Read more


Latest cube tool technology for white goods industry runs with Polykemi PP compound


At K 2019 a new cube tool concept was launched and nicknamed ‘The magic dice of steel’. In this new cube tool concept, dishwasher wheels (consisting of two components made of two raw materials with different mould temperatures) were injected Read more


EPPM's EUREKA Series touches on the out-of-the-box thinking that may seem peculiar now, but could influence and innovate plastics as we know it in the future.