A manufacturer of additives has produced a reusable shopping bag to stop crosscontamination of groceries, after finding a widespread lack of knowledge about germ-free bags. more

13 Feb 2017 12:26 industry

Reusable shopping bags store bacteria that can be transferred onto food; although they are better for the environment, they may be negatively affecting our health. Antimicrobials expert Addmaster is spreading awareness. more

14 May 2015 10:04 industry

Celebrity UK hairdresser Richard Ward has released a plastic hairbrush that uses antimicrobial additives. Named Tangle Angel, the brush uses Biomaster antimicrobials to make it more hygienic and safe to use. more

29 Aug 2013 11:01 materials

Addmaster, a UK-based supplier of additives for plastics, states that its product verification system for polymers is being used daily behind some of the world’s most famous brands. more

16 Apr 2013 09:03 materials

Albis Plastic GmbH, one of Europe’s specialists for the distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics with headquarters in Hamburg, has announced a cooperation agreement with additives manufacturer Addmaster (UK) Ltd. more

15 Apr 2013 14:02 materials

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