AMUT Group will be at the first trade show of the year in Moscow, from January 23 - 26 2018. more

18 Dec 2017 10:59 machinery

After an introduction at the International Roofing and Waterproofing Expo, Amut of Italy welcomed a delegation of the China National Waterproof Association. more

22 Nov 2017 15:23 industry

AMUT ECOTECH is building a recycling facility in Edwa city of Minya Governorate, Egypt. more

26 May 2017 12:32 industry

The thermoforming division of AMUT GROUP, AMUT COMI, is set to demonstrate a new generation of thermoforming machines at K 2016. more

26 Jul 2016 11:39 industry

Italian plastics processing machinery manufacturing giant AMUT is continuing to improve the technology of lines producing PP pipes with glass fibres and mineral filler. more

5 Feb 2016 15:35 machinery

AMUT GROUP is presenting itself as a complete solution provider for the plastics packaging industry at Interplastica, which takes place from January 26th-29th 2016 in Moscow. more

22 Jan 2016 11:46 machinery

AMUT is putting its plastics processing prowess to good use, by participating in an educational project for international students, which could give the next generation of industry innovators a leg up. more

5 Jan 2016 15:27 industry

Synthetic components are fast becoming preferable to bituminous ones, and AMUT is moving with the times, offering extrusion lines for producing waterproofing membranes that can process different thermoplastic materials such as F/PVC, TPO and TPE. more

4 Dec 2015 15:51 machinery

AMUT DOLCI BEILLONI has developed and presented an exciting new generation of stretch film machines following the Dolci Beilloni/Amut merger earlier this year. more

17 Sep 2015 09:55 machinery


Dave Mothershaw - Evonik Industries AG

EPPM's most-read stories: The August edit

So much for August being the sleepiest summer month… there has been no shortage of exciting stories here at EPPM Towers and no shortage of eager readers clicking through to read them. more

28 Aug 2015 16:00 editor's blog

AMUT, together with Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), has been selected by Unifi Inc to provide technology for a major expansion project. more

3 Aug 2015 11:18 machinery

AMUT's solar lines are now producing EVA foils with the assurance of maximum light transmission, zero shrinkage or deformation and great capacity to achieve cross-linking, while meeting TÜV or CEI EN 50086 certificates requirements. more

24 Jul 2015 16:07 materials

AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI has responded to popular demand introducing a new generation of machines utilising the merged intelligence of AMUT and Dolci Bielloni. more

8 Jul 2015 12:24 machinery


Campo dei Miracoli overview2. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Common.

The University of Pisa has selected AMUT to collaborate on a series of research projects concerning plastics materials processing and sustainability. more

16 Jun 2015 09:41 industry

On home ground, AMUT will take the opportunity to showcase its expertise in extrusion, recycling machinery and thermoforming at PLAST 2015 in Milan. more

12 Mar 2015 11:59 machinery

AMUT's CEO has described the recent merger with DOLCI & BIELLONI as a significant coup for the Group, strengthening AMUT's position as a leader in the plastics processing field. more

27 Feb 2015 14:35 industry

AMUT's Giovanni Cattaneo discusses how thermoforming machinery trends have shifted in post-crisis Europe and reveals the Italian company's strategy for maintaining its lead. more

19 Feb 2015 10:00 machinery

What we learnt from ArabPlast 2015

EPPM Editor Rose Brooke reflects on ArabPlast 2015 and how it differs from other events around the world - and what we can expect from this showcase in the years to come. more

14 Jan 2015 12:08 editor's blog

AMUT has set a large North American manufacturer up with in-line thermoforming technologies for disposable drinks cups. more

12 Dec 2014 11:37 machinery

AMUT has supplied the largest bottle-to-bottle recycling plant in Latin America with a PET wash plant. more

15 Sep 2014 16:45 machinery

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