Antimicrobial Additives

Ampacet has launched GERMSCLEAN 684, an inorganic antimicrobial additive for the effective protection of plastic articles using silver-based technology. more

24 Nov 2017 10:54 materials

The role plastics technology can play in the battle to cut global food waste will be under the spotlight at Interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf, where AIMPLAS will be presenting its plastics innovations. more

26 Apr 2017 10:53 industry

AIMPLAS is strengthening its printing and coatings efforts by establishing a new department dedicated to exploring properties, functionalities and their applications. more

1 Jun 2016 11:12 materials

Fitsi has teamed up with Plastics Color Corporation to create a caddy to help increase patient hand hygiene. more

11 May 2016 09:08 materials

RESINEX and JANSSEN PMP are combining forces to introduce new SANAFOR antimicrobial masterbatch into the European plastics market. more

13 Jan 2016 14:17 materials

Home healthcare is changing the medical plastics landscape - and Albis is prepared. It has extended its already broad healthcare portfolio with two new polyolefin products, which are addressing the on-going trend to home healthcare . more

26 Aug 2015 09:22 materials

Plastics Color Corp may be 50, but the Illinois-headquartered plastics giant has the same attitude to development as a startup, fine-tuning its portfolio of specialised additives to meet customer requirements and anticipate market demand. more

20 Aug 2015 14:00 materials

A material consisting of wood fibre reinforced with plastic resin that is impregnated with antimicrobial properties could revolutionise how disaster relief workers restore healthcare facilities after devastation. more

20 Apr 2015 14:19 materials

AIMPLAS is working to develop ground-breaking micro-irrigation systems that are both anti-root and antimicrobial, thus extending product shelf life and limiting environmental impact. more

2 Apr 2015 10:00 materials

An expanded NPE2015 Startup Garage will give an even greater platform to start-up polymer innovations at the plastics event. more

14 Jan 2015 10:08 industry

Symphony Environmental has announced it has welcomed Lord Callanan, former European Parliament environmental heavyweight, to the organisation. more

6 Nov 2014 12:27 industry

Parx Plastics has announced the launch of its first non-toxic, biocompatible solution for self-sanitising plastics. more

22 Sep 2014 16:55 materials

Tim Workman, Vice-President of Business Development at Plastics Color Corporation, spoke to EPPM about what innovative specialised additives are coming out of its research labs. more

10 Sep 2014 10:00 materials

Parx Plastics has announced positive results of its antimicrobial incorporation trials with BASF Terluran GP-35 ABS copolymer. more

5 Feb 2014 16:57 materials

Celebrity UK hairdresser Richard Ward has released a plastic hairbrush that uses antimicrobial additives. Named Tangle Angel, the brush uses Biomaster antimicrobials to make it more hygienic and safe to use. more

29 Aug 2013 11:01 materials

PCC (Plastics Colour Corporation), a supplier of colour concentrates, compounds, additive masterbatches and other polymer technologies, has released a paper on antimicrobials in polymers. more

20 May 2013 12:47 industry

Albis Plastic GmbH, one of Europe’s specialists for the distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics with headquarters in Hamburg, has announced a cooperation agreement with additives manufacturer Addmaster (UK) Ltd. more

15 Apr 2013 14:02 materials

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