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Technische Universität München

Students at TUM, Technical University of Munich, have been recognised for advancing the field of bioplastics by Arburg for their dissertations. more

9 Aug 2017 12:10 industry

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German machinery maker Arburg has held an event for its Chinese subsidiary to celebrate 25 years of trade in China and Hong Kong. more

14 Jul 2017 15:27 industry

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Martin Storz

Arburg has won the ‘100 centres of industry 4.0 Excellence in Baden-Württemberg award’ for its smart luggage tags. more

30 May 2017 13:38 industry

Arburg is touring an injection moulding machine, visiting schools across Europe in a custom trailer from Destination Plasturgie, a French technical academy. more

23 May 2017 09:39 industry

Arburg will present its pioneering Industry 4.0 “live”, which combines injection moulding, additive manufacturing, and host computer systems. more

15 May 2017 14:45 industry

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Baden-Württemburg leader Winfried Kretschmann given smart luggage tag at Arburg’s Industry 4.0 display. more

10 May 2017 11:44 industry

Moulding Expo visitors to receive custom promotional cutlery, injection moulded on site and designed for the expo by mechanical engineers at Reutlingen University. more

25 Apr 2017 10:15 industry

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Arburg will display its ‘Golden Electric’ machine series to focus its offers on electric moulded part production. more

4 Apr 2017 10:54 machinery



Arburg can reflect on the success of its annual Technology Days event, which welcomed over 6,700 guests to the plastics processing giant's headquarters in Lossburg. more

23 Mar 2017 11:05 industry

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Arburg will show ‘smart’ luggage tag as an example of Industry 4.0 at Hannover Trade Show. more

22 Feb 2017 15:35 machinery



Arburg's Allrounder has proven to be a key fixture on the Continental production line, with the company taking delivery of its 10th injection moulding machine in November 2016. more

4 Jan 2017 11:30 machinery



Arburg has celebrated bringing the expertise to the experts at its third Freeformer User Day in Lossburg. more

9 Dec 2016 15:11 machinery

The 12 days of plastmas

EPPM presents 'the 12 days of plastmas', reminding us of some of the year's most eye-catching headlines in a format you can sing along to... if you like. more

1 Dec 2016 09:00 editor's blog

Arburg has plenty in store for its flagship additive manufacturing machine the Freeformer and will be launching these new materials and applications at Formext Powered by TCT. more

14 Nov 2016 15:09 industry



October's most-read headlines

We're trying to remember what happened in October? Something about a show? In Düsseldorf? We're not sure, so maybe we should review our most-read stories of the month roundup to jog our memories? more

28 Oct 2016 11:38 editor's blog

EUROMAP has published its new Industry 4.0-ready standard for data exchange between injection moulding machines and central computer and manufacturing execution systems (MES). more

27 Oct 2016 09:56 machinery



Arburg has wowed the K crowds again - even before the doors have opened - with its world premiere 'triple threat' Hybrid Allrounder with a clamping force of 6,500 kN. more

18 Oct 2016 18:38 industry

Building on 3D fab+print at K 2013, this year K visitors will be able to learn more about how 3D printing technology can further benefit plastics processing and design. more

5 Oct 2016 15:47 industry

Arburg recently welcomed three fourth-year plastics technology and product development students to get a taste of what it's like working at one of the world's leading plastics processors. more

22 Aug 2016 16:48 industry

Arburg, Poland, has inaugurated the Arburg Warsaw Technology Centre. more

13 May 2016 13:41 industry

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