Wiper and indicator levers, and the housing for the control module on rear wheel drive BMW's will be made from BASF Ultramid and Ultradur. more

22 Aug 2017 11:20 materials

HP 3D Printing.jpg

3D printing is being increasingly used to enhance automotive manufacturing, and HP intends to play its part. David Tucker, HP's Market Development Manager, 3D printing, has explored the possibilities via the HP newsroom blog. more

17 May 2017 11:42 industry

After 15 years of success for BMW’s Mini, Evonik reveals the secret of how its revolutionary use of PMMA in A-pillars added to the iconic look. more

30 Mar 2017 14:00 materials

RadiciGroup is celebrating a successful automotive Supplier Day held at the BMW research and innovation centre Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum (FIZ), in Munich. more

4 Mar 2016 11:07 industry

A poll of Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders members in the UK has revealed the automotive industry is in favour of the UK staying in the EU, as a 'Brexit' holds too many uncertainties. more

3 Mar 2016 10:43 industry

Hexcel has revealed it is proud to see its carbon fibre CFRP technology in the new BMW 7 Series. more

14 Jan 2016 16:39 materials

Automotive supplier Fritzmeier has put its trust in the plastics processing expertise of KraussMaffei for the production of parts for BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz. more

12 Nov 2015 17:20 materials

We spoke to ELIX Polymers about its new-gen ABS materials for automotive offering OEMs high-heat grades combining low emissions with high flowability. more

6 Nov 2015 11:06 materials

The sounds, sights and sensations of the buzzing show floor at Formnext Powered by TCT are complemented by a wealth of engaging presentations brought together by TCT to form an exciting conference programme that delivers education to every level. more

6 Nov 2015 09:30 industry

ICS Cool Energy, the temperature control specialist, has helped a major injection moulder of automotive components for big brands including BMW and Jaguar to expand its output. more

3 Jul 2015 14:00 machinery

ENGEL's latest vertical press could open up new opportunities for automotive manufacturing, with BMW taking delivery of the first ENGEL v-duo 3600 system. more

16 Jul 2014 16:10 machinery

Plastic industry research and publishing group AMI has announced details of its Masterbatch 2014 conference, which has attracted high profile speakers from major suppliers and OEMs. more

26 Feb 2014 14:13 materials

A center console from the BMW group has been awarded the 15th SPE Automotive Division Award for 2013. The design incorporates BASF’s Neopolen particle foam as a weight-saving measure. more

28 Nov 2013 15:13 materials

Both the new BMW 3 series and the new Mercedes C-Class feature a door-interior trim manufactured with forming and laminating units supplied by Kiefel GmbH, according to a press release from the group. more

15 Jul 2013 12:25 machinery

Car manufacturer BMW has recently been supplied with Piovan’s ‘Modula’ drying technology at one of its new German production sites for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. more

18 Jun 2013 11:05 machinery

  • Lenkstockschalter-Modul von Valeo aus den technischen BASF-Kunststoffen Ultramid® SI und Ultradur® für BMW-Fahrzeuge / Top column module from Valeo made from BASF’s engineering plastics Ultramid® SI and Ultradur® for BMW cars

    Valeo levers and module housing from BASF

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