Plastics knowledge for a greener Christmas

Going into the festive season armed with a little plastics knowledge could help you keep a lid on your carbon footprint this Christmas, EPPM Editor Rose Brooke explains. Read more

13 Dec 2017 10:33 editor's blog

The 12 days of plastmas

EPPM presents 'the 12 days of plastmas', reminding us of some of the year's most eye-catching headlines in a format you can sing along to... if you like. Read more

1 Dec 2016 09:00 editor's blog

Defending the artificial Christmas tree

EPPM Editor Rose Brooke - an artificial Christmas tree owner - shares some fun facts about plastic Christmas trees, just in case the Real Tree Army gets a little too sanctimonious about the smell of freshly-sawn pine this festive season. Read more

18 Dec 2015 10:40 editor's blog

Lego keeping Lapland's elves busy this Christmas

The little helpers are working hard at Father Christmas's workshop in Lapland and Lego appears to be taking up much of their time. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke looks at what plastic products are making it onto children's wish lists this Christmas. Read more

8 Dec 2015 15:04 editor's blog

EPPM's 2015 Advent Calendar

Re-visit some of 2015's top stories with us in our interactive advent calendar, which leaps across the plastics processing industry and the world jogging your memories of some of the biggest companies, events and stories of the year. Read more

1 Dec 2015 09:16 editor's blog

Consumerist Christmas Tree

Image courtesy of

Consumerist Christmas Tree controversy

A Christmas tree made of used plastic bags has caused controversy in Staffordshire, UK, but does this divisive decoration raise the important issue of how we deal with waste? Read more

24 Dec 2014 10:00 editor's blog

Dreaming of a green Christmas

EPPM's Rose Brooke is a little older and a little wiser about plastics and recycling since she first sat in the Editor's chair - this is why she's dreaming of a green Christmas. Read more

16 Dec 2014 12:54 editor's blog

Plastics remain top of the list for Christmas

Plastics remain an attractive choice for toy retailers this year, as plastic toys and games dominate children's Christmas lists. But has Barbie held onto her crown as the plastic present princess? Read more

12 Dec 2014 14:25 editor's blog

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