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As oil scrapes $40 per barrel, Total's CEO does not believe 2016 will be any more positive for the commodity. While this might be good news for consumers at the petrol pumps, it is a disaster for recycled plastics producers. more

8 Dec 2015 10:39 industry

Guest Blog: Why some plastics have to go for export

Chris Collier, Commercial Director of CK Group, Europe’s leading provider of recycled plastic regrind discusses why some recycled plastic materials are exported. more

3 Mar 2015 17:01 guest blogs 1 Comments

When virgin material could be more cost-effective than recycled following the oil price slide, how will the recycled plastics industry survive? Chris Collier, Commercial Director at CK Group spoke to EPPM. more

10 Feb 2015 11:54 industry

Oil rig

By Divulgação Petrobras / ABr (Agência Brasil [1]), via Wikimedia Commons

The falling price of crude oil could extend well into 2015, but what does this mean for the plastics industry? One organisation has stated the threat is real and that businesses need to act. more

19 Dec 2014 10:39 industry

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