Conductive Polymers

Conductive Polymers

Umeå University

A research team in Sweden has made a breakthrough that enables the super-fast transport of electrical charges in polymers with the potential to transform solar and lighting technology. more

4 Mar 2016 11:48 materials

Global leader in silicones and silicone technologies Dow Corning has launched an innovative, thermally-conductive gap filler for the growing automotive electronics market. more

1 Jul 2015 14:25 materials

UK and Ireland-based Total Polymer Solutions (TPS) has added PolyOne's high-quality polymer products to its portfolio, providing exciting opportunities for TPS and its customers. more

24 Feb 2015 10:56 materials

The potential for electrically-conductive radical polymers could be huge - and researchers from Purdue University in Indiana are working to harness the properties of these materials on a molecular level. more

24 Nov 2014 12:34 materials

Sabic, alongside Cima NanoTech, a Singapore and US-based company, have announced the joint development of a transparent conductive polycarbonate film for the smart materials sector. more

28 May 2014 10:07 materials

The Fraunhofer Institute has been researching a new manufacturing process with which tiny thermoelectric generators can be cost-effectively produced in the form of large-area flexible components from electrically conductive polymers via 3D Printing. more

30 Apr 2013 16:39 materials

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