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Meusburger has developed a Guide Pillar for modular systems, the E 5076 Guide Pillar with centre collar, with high precision to a tolerance class of h3. more

16 Mar 2017 10:17 machinery

Springs are an essential part of the die set in die-making and Meusburger has new and innovative solutions for die-makers in this niche. more

8 Sep 2016 11:10 industry

Rapid.Tech promises to blow the dust off 3D printing and to showcase the generative, disruptive technology at its most cutting-edge. more

27 Mar 2015 10:00 industry

Save time and money with the H 4062 assembly table. Meusburger has extended its range with a third table sized 996 x 1846 mm, enabling the use of the assembly table for repair and assembly work on even larger tools. more

17 Mar 2015 16:21 machinery

Nordson's EDI SmartGap lip and land positioning system reduces job changes from hours to minutes and readily transitions over a broad thickness range while enhancing quality more

9 Mar 2015 15:02 industry

PSI-Polymer Systems will feature its new hydraulic die changer at NPE. The machine utilises a quick-shift slide plate to exchange die heads on a single extruder. more

21 Jan 2015 10:00 industry

Plastic film and sheet extrusion systems supplier Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. is introducing its latest coextrusion die for extruding high barrier multilayer films at K. more

4 Oct 2013 10:29 machinery

Industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International offers plastic injection moulders a package of maintenance cleaning equipment for moulds, dies and injection lead screws. more

22 Mar 2013 16:10 machinery

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