Polyurethane foams in old mattresses will be recycled into reusable polyols in a project between Dow and H&S Angalentechnik. more

8 Nov 2017 15:05 materials

Dow Polyurethanes

by Udr Ovidiu

Dow Polyurethanes, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is expanding its PU service centres in an easterly direction throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. more

10 Jul 2017 16:58 materials



DowDuPont another step closer to formation after Canada rules on merger. more

28 Jun 2017 15:00 industry

Easy Packaging Solutions, based near Perpignan, will make a Dow pack for markets in Southern Europe. more

15 Jun 2017 16:54 industry


fotolinchen Getty Images

Dow Polyurethanes has launched an addition to its Hyperlast Elastomers family, developed to overcome the upcoming regulatory ban of MbOCA in polyurethane elastomers in Europe. more

6 Jun 2017 13:43 materials


Louise Adhikari, Director, Olympic Engagement & Business Operations, Olympic & Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company

Unbeknownst to spectators, supporters and athletes, Dow's polyurethane technology made the 2016 Olympic Games more comfortable and efficient. The materials science giant gives us the rundown of the part it played in Rio. more

25 Aug 2016 12:48 materials

The European Commission is exploring the Dow/DuPont merger more closely, assessing how the deal will affect the agriculture and petrochemicals markets. more

15 Aug 2016 16:35 industry


DSM Engineering Plastics: DSMPR488

June's most-read plastics headlines

June brought us a raft of pre-K 2016 press events and unsurprisingly it is the juicy plastics titbits from these information-packed conferences and workshops that has got EPPM readers clicking this month. more

30 Jun 2016 17:02 editor's blog

Dow is presenting the 'Face of Innovation' at K 2016, bringing the talent and intelligence behind its materials science technology to the fore. more

21 Jun 2016 10:30 industry

Reports have surfaced from ‘people with knowledge of the matter’ that BASF could be looking to upset the $110 bn merger of DuPont and Dow by making a bid for DuPont. more

8 Mar 2016 11:56 industry

Francois Hollande

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EPPM's most-read stories: The December edit

Do you need reminding of what happened in December? Us too. So let's look back on the biggest, most-read headlines to hit the EPPM website last month and refresh our memories of COP21 in Paris and that massive Dow/DuPont merger. more

4 Jan 2016 11:35 editor's blog

Most-read EPPM stories of 2015 - month-by-month

EPPM Editor Rose Brooke has been scouring the website's analytics pages to find the most-read stories of each month of the year. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we review the news that got you clicking in 2015. more

17 Dec 2015 11:00 editor's blog


Via Medical Plastics News

Dow and DuPont have announced they will merge, forming a powerful chemicals company on the world stage with the intention to spin into three independent agriculture, material science and specialty products businesses. more

11 Dec 2015 12:31 industry


Via Medical Plastics News

Reports have surfaced from "people familiar with the matter" that chemicals giants DuPont and Dow are in talks to merge – with some saying an announcement is due this week. more

9 Dec 2015 11:57 industry

Dow Chemical Company's Packaging and Specialty Plastics business has announced the launch of a new family of products, the INNATE Precision Packaging Resins. more

3 Nov 2015 09:59 materials

Flexible packaging


Resource recovery specialist Axion Consulting is leading a collaborative research and development project involving a number of high-profile brands in a bid to design packaging that can be reprocessed more efficiently. more

13 Jul 2015 10:00 industry

Global leader in silicones and silicone technologies Dow Corning has launched an innovative, thermally-conductive gap filler for the growing automotive electronics market. more

1 Jul 2015 14:25 materials

Following the announcement that Dow has completed the conversion of its Styrofoam extruded polystyrene foam plants in Japan to new Polymeric Flame Retardant (PolyFR) technology, the group says that other regions around the world will follow suit. more

19 Feb 2014 14:48 materials

Plastic’s ‘image problem’ goes back a long way

One of our biggest battles is to overcome this negative image of plastic being perpetuated by the popular media in recent years. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the national press are the only ones to blame; neither is this a new trend. more

23 Aug 2013 14:24 editor's blog

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