Rapid prototyping materials for Chinese 3D Printers are on sale from DuPont performance materials. more

18 Dec 2017 10:19 materials



Lightweighting shouldn't be the main reason for switching to plastics in under-the-hood automotive applications - superior performance should come first, says DuPont. more

27 Nov 2017 14:00 materials



DowDuPont another step closer to formation after Canada rules on merger. more

28 Jun 2017 15:00 industry

A designer at the Royal College of Art, Frederic Rätsch, has made a chair with the comfort of upholstery, from DuPont plastics. more

28 Jun 2017 11:30 materials

Amcor has won three awards at the 2017 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. more

23 May 2017 15:01 industry

Honourees of the DuPont Award for Packaging highlighted the packaging industry’s commitment to sustainability, personalisation, and solving global challenges. more

22 May 2017 17:02 industry

MeetingPack is a unique global event specialising in barrier packaging being held in Valencia from 30th to 31st May 2017. more

19 May 2017 15:03 industry

A single-step moulding technique which creates a frosted effect in packaging has been released by DuPont. more

15 May 2017 14:35 industry


The Virtuous Circle

Amcor and DuPont have joined a group of NGO’s to present findings from a circular economy project at Interpack. more

27 Apr 2017 16:51 industry

Technicians at DuPont, the global materials specialist based in Delaware, USA, have launched a structure for bringing new additives to the 3D printing industry. more

20 Mar 2017 17:03 materials



DuPont has announced its members of the jury for 2017 major packaging innovation awards. more

31 Jan 2017 16:15 industry

DuPont has commenced operations at Europe's first production facility for Zytel HTN, reflecting the company’s commitment to the polyamide industry and to the European market. more

1 Nov 2016 10:23 materials

The European Commission is exploring the Dow/DuPont merger more closely, assessing how the deal will affect the agriculture and petrochemicals markets. more

15 Aug 2016 16:35 industry

DuPont has expanded the capacity of its largest engineering plastics compounding plant in Shenzhen, which is also the largest in DuPont’s global manufacturing network. more

21 Jul 2016 14:32 materials

Reports have surfaced from ‘people with knowledge of the matter’ that BASF could be looking to upset the $110 bn merger of DuPont and Dow by making a bid for DuPont. more

8 Mar 2016 11:56 industry

February's most-read plastics headlines

For those of you who have a short memory as to what happened in the shortest month on, we have assessed the data and compiled our list of the top five most-read stories for February 2016. more

26 Feb 2016 15:34 editor's blog

DuPont Performance Materials has revealed it is investing in a production facility for Zytel HTN PPA polymer in Germany. more

29 Jan 2016 14:16 materials

DuPont Performance Materials TFI have been honoured with the 2016 European Plastics Innovation Award in the Hybrid Product category for their Dynamic Tethers mooring protection system used to protect wave energy devices in harsh conditions. more

27 Jan 2016 11:33 industry

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EPPM's most-read stories: The December edit

Do you need reminding of what happened in December? Us too. So let's look back on the biggest, most-read headlines to hit the EPPM website last month and refresh our memories of COP21 in Paris and that massive Dow/DuPont merger. more

4 Jan 2016 11:35 editor's blog

Most-read EPPM stories of 2015 - month-by-month

EPPM Editor Rose Brooke has been scouring the website's analytics pages to find the most-read stories of each month of the year. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we review the news that got you clicking in 2015. more

17 Dec 2015 11:00 editor's blog

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