Sicher den Schalter umlegen – mit technischen Kunststoffen von BASF / Flip the switch safely – with engineering plastics from BASF


BASF unveils xpanded range for circuit breakers with new, globally available Ultramid grade more

3 Oct 2017 17:00 materials

Smart recycling is essential if the planet is to tackle the growing volumes of electronics waste, reclaiming lost material resources and curbing criminal activity, as well ad protecting human and environmental health. more

4 Sep 2017 11:50 industry

Lightweight design and look-and-feel quality are two factors playing an important role for AKRO-PLASTIC at Fakuma 2017. more

15 Aug 2017 10:36 FAKUMA 2017

Research Nester report predicts soaring growth for the Global Flexible Electronics Market. more

26 May 2017 16:03 industry

Boost to Meusburger’s electrical components range with E65620 Magnetic proximity sensor and E2766 Magnetic cable retainer. more

1 Mar 2017 11:41 machinery

Japan Display

Japan Display Inc

The next iPhone could be flexible, as supplier Japan Display has announced a new display technology using a plastic substrate that could mean cracked screens are a thing of the past. more

27 Jan 2017 14:28 materials

Stratasys is known for bringing the next advancements in 3D printing technology to market and now it has met its pioneering industry equivalent in Schneider Electric. EPPM sat down with Stratasys to talk about the match made in innovation heaven. more

25 Nov 2016 10:00 industry

Population growth, mobility, health and nutrition, sustainability, colour, touch and feel were all covered by Clariant's comprehensive plan of attach for providing real solutions to the challenges presented by global megatrends. more

20 Oct 2016 12:59 industry

Cemtrex has completed the synergistic acquisition of electronics manufacturing company, Periscope. more

8 Jun 2016 12:12 industry

Cemtrex has announced that it has acquired all the assets of Target after signing an agreement. more

31 May 2016 14:42 industry


DSM Engineering Plastics: DSMPR479

DSM has introduced a new family of high performance polyamide 4T materials, partially produced from renewable resources, called ForTii Eco. more

20 Apr 2016 16:07 materials

This technical paper from Tohoku Electronic Industrial 
explores chemiluminescence (CL) as the ideal tool for use by industrial polymer and plastic processors to detect the early stages of oxidation. more

19 Feb 2016 15:00 industry

Lego keeping Lapland's elves busy this Christmas

The little helpers are working hard at Father Christmas's workshop in Lapland and Lego appears to be taking up much of their time. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke looks at what plastic products are making it onto children's wish lists this Christmas. more

8 Dec 2015 15:04 editor's blog

SABIC's LEXAN film has been developed to address the growing need for shatter and crack-proof touch screens for tablets and smartphones. more

23 Nov 2015 15:34 materials

The short cycle times and easier mould filling benefits brought by DuPont's Crastin Super Fast (SF) resin is the reason why Continental selected the material for an automotive application. more

16 Oct 2015 11:18 industry

Leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, powders, composites and resins A. Schulman will present its broad range of products at Fakuma. more

6 Oct 2015 12:09 industry

LANXESS is focusing on new materials for structural lightweight construction, LED lighting technology, electrical and electronic applications and exterior body panel applications at Fakuma. more

5 Oct 2015 14:23 industry

A cool piece of kit for the outdoorsman in all of us - even the most tech-dependent city mouse - has rolled onto Kickstarter. Introducing, the nipi: a showcase for just what the full plastics processing portfolio can do. more

24 Aug 2015 16:12 industry

PolyOne's GLS TPE material - for its soft touch and bright colours - was the perfect choice for the FiLIP kids' phone and tracker wearable. more

17 Aug 2015 10:00 materials

ENGEL is bringing inject 4.0 to Fakuma 2015, where it will demonstrate how its motto 'more than a machine' can transform plastics processing for automotive, technical moulding, teletronics, packaging and medical applications. more

27 Jul 2015 09:39 industry

HP Fusion 3D Printing Sprocet


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