ELIX Polymers

Elix Polymers, from Tarragona, will be at Fakuma this month with its ABS innovations. more

9 Oct 2017 10:06 FAKUMA 2017

New grades from Spain’s ELIX Polymers reduce squeaks in cars and provide cost savings. more

8 Sep 2017 15:42 materials

ABS specialist ELIX Polymers will show its applications for 3D printing at the TCT Show in September 2017. more

10 Aug 2017 11:50 industry

K.D. Feddersen will be bringing materials science to meet the trends for lightweight, aesthetically-pleasing plastic products to Fakuma. more

21 Jul 2017 10:37 FAKUMA 2017

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ELIX Polymers

ELIX and Maier Moulding have made an ABS/polycarbonate blend ideal for impact resistance with quality aesthetics on the new premium Mercedes-Benz C-Class. more

21 Jun 2017 11:21 materials

French sustainability ratings agency EcoVadis has awarded ELIX Polymers a Gold certificate for its CSR. more

7 Apr 2017 12:03 industry

Range of ABS grades have been optimised by ELIX Polymers, after following interest in their applications for 3D Printing. more

28 Feb 2017 16:55 materials


ELIX Polymers

ABS technology leader ELIX Polymers has launched a new grade that has been optimised for products that come into contact with food. more

12 Dec 2016 11:20 materials


ELIX Polymers

ABS leading light ELIX Polymers has returned from its first ever K show with a spring in its step. The company reported that the show generated much interest in its portfolio. more

4 Nov 2016 15:52 industry

ELIX Polymers, a global supplier of high-performance ABS and polycarbonate, is expanding its business into the North American Market. more

21 Sep 2016 12:04 materials

ELIX Polymers

ELIX Polymers, PR012

ELIX Polymers is making its first appearance at K 2016, bringing its ABS technology to the biggest show in plastics. more

12 Aug 2016 12:14 industry


Photo: ELIX Polymers, PR013

ELIX Polymers and AIMPLAS have pooled their considerable expertise in ABS to develop exciting new materials for 3D printing. more

22 Jul 2016 14:44 materials


Photo Copyright Daimler AG, All rights reserved, PR007

The use of high-heat ABS can lead to major weight reduction through lower density, cost savings, processing benefits, very low emissions and odour when compared to PC/ABS. ELIX Polymers' experts share the advantages of its own ABS technology. more

21 Jul 2016 11:26 materials


ELIX Polymers, PR012.

ABS champion ELIX Polymers is set to make its K debut this October where it will demonstrate how its portfolio can stand up to the competition. more

6 Jul 2016 11:52 industry

ELIX polymers have expanded its product development strategy with new “responsible innovation” criteria. more

26 May 2016 14:26 industry


ELIX Polymers PR009

Leading ABS champion ELIX Polymers will introduce its ABS plating grades portfolio at the VDI “Plastics in Automotive Engineering” congress in Mannheim, Germany, March 9th-10th. more

26 Feb 2016 11:45 materials

BOS Group, a leading supplier of innovative systems and components for the automotive industry, selected new High Heat ABS HH3114 from ELIX Polymers for the production of roof hatches for heavy-duty trucks of a German premium automobile manufacturer. more

25 Nov 2015 13:38 materials

ELIX Polymers has been celebrating four decades of leading the materials world with ABS innovation. more

16 Nov 2015 16:51 materials


ELIX Polymers, PR006

ELIX Polymers has brought a new generation of high-performance, natural fibre-reinforced ABS to the market. more

11 Nov 2015 13:45 materials

We spoke to ELIX Polymers about its new-gen ABS materials for automotive offering OEMs high-heat grades combining low emissions with high flowability. more

6 Nov 2015 11:06 materials

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