LANXESS has contributed to global greenhouse gas emission reduction by slashing its CO2e pollution by 13.8 million metric tons over ten years. more

22 Nov 2017 16:51 industry

Smart recycling is essential if the planet is to tackle the growing volumes of electronics waste, reclaiming lost material resources and curbing criminal activity, as well ad protecting human and environmental health. more

4 Sep 2017 11:50 industry

Chemicals giant BASF has revised production of its Lupranol for polyurethane systems, which will reduce volatile organic compounds for car manufacturers to meet government regulations and industry standards. more

25 Jul 2017 11:26 materials



An AIMPLAS-coordinated project has lead to the development of a conductive gelcoat that would tackle two major challenges facing automotive composites: VOC emissions and long curing times. more

9 Jan 2017 11:30 materials

The market-leading Peugeot 308 continues to impress in the efficiency stakes thanks in no small way to its lightweight ARPRO technology. more

14 Mar 2016 16:14 materials

The Valencia-based Plastics Technology Centre AIMPLAS has played an instrumental role in developing a new fast-curing gel-coat for composites. more

2 Dec 2015 11:45 materials

SABIC has solutions automotive OEMs can apply to their products today, but instant results can only be achieved through years of building trust through collaboration. EPPM explored this process with the SABIC team at Fakuma 2015. more

6 Nov 2015 11:20 materials

We spoke to ELIX Polymers about its new-gen ABS materials for automotive offering OEMs high-heat grades combining low emissions with high flowability. more

6 Nov 2015 11:06 materials

AIMPLAS is developing graphene to be used with thermosetting resins and in the pultrusion process with natural fibres and bioresins to create composites for building façades and interiors with better indoor air quality. more

15 Jul 2015 10:00 materials

A new report from the Voluntary Emissions Council Action Programme has indicated a reduction in potential emissions of brominated flame retardants. more

28 May 2015 14:50 industry

ROWABASE plans to release customers from capacity bottlenecks or routine production work with its new toll manufacturing programme. more

14 Aug 2014 10:10 machinery

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