Site enhancements underline RPC’s sustainability commitment. more


The EU announced during EU Green Week it has adopted new rules on waste management. more


WFO has organised over 20 ocean remediation actions and has several more planned for 2018. more


Why don’t environmental influencers engage with the plastics industry?

Environmental influencers are fighting for the same cause as the plastics industry – to eliminate plastic waste from the environment – and yet they do not engage in conversation with us. Rose Brooke responds to an editorial by Natalie Bennett. more

1 May 2018 16:29 editor's blog

Just how real is sustainability on the shelf?

EPPM Editor Rose Brooke’s blog on green consumerism asks if sustainability on the shelf is something we are seeing more of, do the brands making green promises do enough for their customers? more

20 Apr 2018 10:56 editor's blog

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Félix Miessen

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has conducted a recent study proving plastic to be the material with the overall lowest impact to the environment. more


The film highlights the event and focuses on the global fight against plastic pollution. more


The specialty chemicals company, LANXESS has been awarded the 2017 German Innovation Award for Climate and the Environment. more


Out of sight, out of mind no more: An open letter to the plastics industry

Naturalist and author Sarah Roberts believes the plastics industry can put pressure on brand-owners to help consumers close the plastics circular economy loop, as the ocean plastic crisis reaches boiling point in the media. more

12 Feb 2018 11:20 guest blogs

A R&D&i project, Life EPS‐SURE, to turn used polystyrene fish containers into new food contact packaging has launched its website. more


Charles, Prince of Wales

At the International Sustainability Unit meeting, Prince Charles said the current challenge with plastics is “extremely grave and urgent.” more


AIMPLAS is coordinating a new project called REPESCA_PLAS with the aim of collecting more than 300 kg of marine litter in the ports of Gandia and Vigo. more



Over 370,000 people sign petition urging McDonald’s to stop using plastic straws. more


According to The Guardian, the UK government is opposing the EU recycling targets despite their plastics pledge. more


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EcoCortec, the first Croatian bioplastics plant, is a partner in the European BIOCOMPACK project. more


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Marine Conservation Society

Charity renews appeal for plastic charge through new campaign- ‘Would you care if it was you?’ more


PolyTalk, PlasticsEurope’s Forum to debate and engage in environmental challenges will be held in Malta more


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute have enhanced collaboration to improve education about the circular economy more


Guest post: Bioplastics and biodegradable packaging – a more sustainable solution?

The ocean plastics crisis has raised the profile of bioplastics and biodegradable plastics as a solution to the problem. Axion Consulting's Richard McKinlay explores whether this is really the most sustainable way to tackle marine litter. more

15 Jan 2018 11:37 guest blogs 1 Comments

Fast food juggernaut McDonald's has announced that it will be banning all polystyrene foam packaging products from its restaurants by the end of 2018. more


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    Environmental Pollution on the Beach

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    Warsaw, Poland - July 11th, 2012: Look on the electric engine in a BYD e6 during the test drive. Established in 1995, BYD (Build Your Dreams) company specializes in IT, automobile and new energy. Chinese BYD is the one of the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the globe. On 2003 BYD purchased Xi'an Tsinchuan Auto Co., Ltd. (now BYD Auto Co., Ltd.) and officially entered the auto industry. The e6 model is a compact five-door hatchback electric car manufactured by BYD and introduced in China in 2010. The BYD has a range of 300 km and the battery and control module together weigh 800 kilograms (64 kWh battery pack).

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