Eurozone trade supports plateauing growth in German machinery industry. more

7 Jun 2017 16:23 industry

Eurozone manufacturing kicks off third quarter with lop-sided PMI data as Germany continues to pull the region out of stagnation. more

2 Aug 2016 16:34 industry

PMI data for manufacturing in the UK has slowed ahead of the country's in-out EU referendum, while similarly disappointing figures were recorded for the Eurozone. Both markets remain shrouded in uncertainty as the first half of 2016 draws to a close. more

1 Jun 2016 12:33 industry

Eurozone manufacturing growth dipped to its lowest level in a year in February, backing up the VDMA's predictions for a lacklustre 2016. more

7 Mar 2016 15:03 industry

'Agricultural Plastics – Potential for Recycling' is the theme of the inaugural International Recycling Forum, for which RIGK GmbH is issuing invitations to Wiesbaden from 4th to 6th November 2015. more

11 Sep 2015 14:00 industry

A year of editing EPPM: An A-Z

After a year of editing EPPM, Rose Brooke summarises the important things in alphabetical order in her latest Editor's blog. more

17 Jul 2015 15:57 editor's blog

A recovering EU market and consistent demand from the US and China are set to drive plastics and rubber machinery growth in 2015, according to a forecast. more

10 Dec 2014 11:31 machinery

EPPM spoke to Managing Director of plastics and packaging recruitment specialist Listgrove Ryan Kirby about the change in mindset European companies are adopting to ensure their workforce is ahead of the pack. more

5 Sep 2014 11:15 industry

European flexible packaging report

PCI Films Consulting

For the second year in a row, Europe's flexible packaging market has experienced a slowdown as a result of the eurozone financial crisis. more

22 Jul 2014 12:11 industry

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