Excelsior Roto Moulding

Excelsior Roto-Moulding’s has increased its delivery times and stockholding capacity in the last three months. more

8 Jun 2016 09:42 industry

Excelsior Roto-Moulding has helped Cats Protection make its feline residents feel safer and happier - and now the charity has ordered an extra tool to keep up with demand. more

5 May 2016 14:19 industry

Excelsior Roto-Moulding is marking an important milestone in 2016, its 40th birthday, and it is celebrating by investing in its plant and personnel after a year of big challenges. more

11 Mar 2016 15:41 industry

Excelsior may be very different from when it was founded 120 years ago, but the business has come full circle, from selling cotton spinning cans off the back of a horse-drawn cart to producing its own range of equestrian equipment. more

30 Mar 2015 15:32 machinery

Excelsior and Adventure Orb have worked together on an all-weathers, all-environments durable, waterproof luggage product. more

17 Sep 2014 16:10 industry

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