BASF is extending its reach into the realms of additive manufacturing by acquiring Innofil3D, a leading producer of high-value customised plastic filaments. more

18 Aug 2017 11:28 industry

Polaroid has thrown its hat in the 3D printing ring, with the iconic photography brand launching its Polaroid ModelSmart 250S machine into the market. more

9 Aug 2016 10:29 industry

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, has turned its gaze to 3D printing filaments, establishing a new extrusion line to obtain filaments from a wide range of thermoplastics. more

13 May 2016 09:57 materials

DSM’s 3D printing materials Arnitel ID and Novamid ID can be bought exclusively online from Nexeo Solutions. more

11 May 2016 16:39 materials


DSM Engineering Plastics: DSMPR481

DSM has teamed up with chemical and plastics distributor Nexeo Solutions to bring high-value performance filaments to rival ABS and PLA to the 3D printing market. more

7 Apr 2016 15:04 materials

Rauch CNC Manufaktur GmbH & Co KG is presenting its 3D printing services with PEEK-filament at Formnext Powered by TCT. more

12 Nov 2015 09:15 industry

Filament and extrusion-based 3D printing technology developer Polymaker has proved that two heads are better than one when it comes to innovation. more

2 Oct 2015 14:08 industry

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing


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