Film extrusion

A major technology refit of Constantia's film extrusion site in Weiden, Germany will provide extra capacity for stand up pouches. more

22 Sep 2017 09:43 industry



The Spanish research centre AIMPLAS is working with Skymark, a packaging extrusion firm from England, to complete a project to recycle printed films. more

18 Jul 2017 14:05 industry

SolveTech's Rob Lawrence explores how the new Standard Test Method for Determining Plastic Film Thickness and Thickness Variability using a Non-Contact Capacitance Thickness Gauge will improve quality and innovation. more

13 Jun 2017 11:00 machinery

Milacron has shown its hand as a potential polyolefin sheet extrusion power player. more

30 Nov 2016 13:43 industry



ExxonMobil and Bandera collaborated at K 2016 to demonstrate a 5-layer flexible line for food lamination packaging and barrier film. more

7 Nov 2016 14:12 industry

The benefits of a long-term partnership can pay dividends down the line and Schur Flexibles Group and Vetaphone have proved this with their relationship that dates back some 50 years. more

26 Oct 2016 16:38 industry

Macro Engineering & Technology, a leading supplier of film and sheet extrusion systems, is pleased to be hosting a series of free technical presentations during this show in Düsseldorf. more

29 Sep 2016 11:19 industry

An exciting film measurement startup is looking for reseller partners for its contactless millmeter wave measurement technology. more

28 Sep 2016 14:30 machinery

SolveTech believes it has the ultimate tool for ensuring quality across the film supply chain and it is bringing its ultra-high precision film gauging to Europe. We spoke to Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Rob Lawrence to learn more. more

23 Sep 2016 15:30 industry

Davis-Standard is going to unwind at K 2016 in a showcase of its high-speed unwind engineered for splice speeds up to 800 m per minute for sensitive, thin webs. more

15 Sep 2016 12:13 industry

Within just six months, Reifenhäuser Blown Film has sold five new lines to the Asian market, which has developed a taste for the reliability, efficiency and optimised web flatness the company brings. more

24 Feb 2016 10:13 machinery

Reifenhäuser Blown Film’s answer to rising performance requirements as demand for barrier film grows, is the development of a highly flexible and efficient 11-layer blown film line. more

2 Sep 2015 09:48 machinery

AMUT's solar lines are now producing EVA foils with the assurance of maximum light transmission, zero shrinkage or deformation and great capacity to achieve cross-linking, while meeting TÜV or CEI EN 50086 certificates requirements. more

24 Jul 2015 16:07 materials

Reifenhäuser has sold the widest cast film line in Europe to a Portuguese film producer. The MIDEX cast film line will enable to production of finished films of up to 4,800 mm in width. more

14 Jul 2015 09:28 machinery

PLAST 2015 is over but Italian film extrusion leader Macchi is still celebrating the successes the five-day event brought it. more

14 May 2015 10:50 machinery

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Honeywell has launched its new concept for on-line sheet and film measurement ZipLine at NPE2015. more

23 Mar 2015 15:10 industry

A new masterbatch from Tosaf can extend the lifespan and effctiveness of greenhouse films, in addition to keeping out virus-carrying pests and preventing petal blackening. more

25 Feb 2015 08:59 materials

EPPM spoke in depth to Solvay's Marketing Manager for Films Philippe-Jacques Leng about the global solar film market and how Solvay is developing new technologies for PV front sheets. more

18 Feb 2015 09:44 materials

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will display its portfolio of in-process and off-line gauging systems for extrusion applications at NPE2015. more

5 Feb 2015 10:31 industry

Growing demands on the blown film packaging industry in Indonesia are putting pressure on the supply chain. Reifenhäuser Extrusioneers tackled these challenges in a special summit. more

31 Oct 2014 12:05 industry

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