Financial Results

Italian plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers have posted all-time high results for exports in 2015. more

21 Mar 2016 12:30 machinery



BASF has published an honest report in which it describes the market as volatile and challenging, as global economic growth, industrial production and the chemical industry lagged considerably behind the company’s expectations for 2015. more

29 Feb 2016 16:15 materials

As oil scrapes $40 per barrel, Total's CEO does not believe 2016 will be any more positive for the commodity. While this might be good news for consumers at the petrol pumps, it is a disaster for recycled plastics producers. more

8 Dec 2015 10:39 industry

The momentum of Covestro's first quarter since breaking officially from Bayer is far from slowing, as the company has seen its confidence confirmed following its listing on the stock market. more

18 Nov 2015 16:27 industry

Even though China’s growth momentum continued to slow down, Haitian International maintained a high level of revenue and profit in the first half of 2015. more

9 Sep 2015 10:00 industry

For the financial year 2014-15, Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen has recorded satisfying results in spite of what the company has described as an "unfavourable investment environment". more

10 Aug 2015 09:22 industry

Milacron has announced its IPO of 14,285,714 shares of its common stock, priced at $20.00 per share. Milacron will be listed on the NYSE under the ticker MCRN. more

25 Jun 2015 14:55 industry

A week on and EPPM has gathered together all the information you need to get your head around the exciting three days that was the ENGEL Symposium 2015. Snapshots, blogs and news - it's all here. more

18 Jun 2015 15:28 industry

ENGEL Symposium 2015: The highlights

Rose Brooke has just got back after an exciting ENGEL Symposium 2015, which ignited conversations about Austrian business philosophy, contemporary design, European growth and metal injection moulding - and that's before we talked about plastics. more

18 Jun 2015 15:10 editor's blog

ENGEL has achieved a new record turnover of €1.07 billion (£770 million) for the 2014/15 financial year, which is representative of 14 per cent growth year on year. more

18 Jun 2015 12:41 industry

Bayer's MaterialScience division will be rechristened Covestro from September 1st 2015, floating on the stock market by mid-2016. Bayer MaterialScience CEO Patrick Thomas is optimistic for Covestro's future. more

1 Jun 2015 11:53 industry

EREMA is celebrating a record-breaking end of year result, after the Austrian plastics recycling giant reported a 21 per cent increase in turnover year-on-year for the 2014-15 business year. more

15 May 2015 14:52 industry

LANXESS has posted its first quarter results for 2015 and its realignment strategy appears to be having an impact already, with the specialty chemicals group posting earnings at the top end of forecasts. more

12 May 2015 14:48 industry

LANXESS has announced its results for the 2014 financial year, revealing an improvement in operating result and net income amid a still challenging European and global market. more

19 Mar 2015 12:12 industry

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