A range of Huntsman's widespread TPU compounds for athletic footwear energy return materials will take its highlight spot at FAKUMA. more

2 Oct 2017 14:35 FAKUMA 2017

With the Tour de France in full swing, it is important to remember the unsung hero of modern competitive cycling: materials science. more

7 Jul 2017 12:25 materials


Copyright Carbon via Facebook.

Adidas has harnessed Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology in its Futurecraft 4D trainers, with thousands of these sports shoes entering the market this year. more

12 Apr 2017 11:27 industry

AKRO-PLASTIC is keeping HTM Sport customers from coming a cropper on the slopes thanks to its extremely rigid fibre technology. more

9 Dec 2016 10:17 materials

Can polymer technology encourage more people to take up running?

There are lots of ways to encourage more people to take up running and EPPM Editor Rose Brooke explores why polymer technology is the key. more

29 Nov 2016 16:45 editor's blog

Huntsman has expanded the possibilities for TPUs, which are currently innovating sports and leisure but have stacks of potential for the harsh environments of mining and supersized wheels. more

28 Jun 2016 10:55 industry

Under Armour's 3D-printed sports shoe sold out shortly after its March 2016 launch and some credit for the breakthrough trainer must go to Lehmann&Voss&Co's tailor-made LUVOSINT TPU for laser sintering. more

15 Apr 2016 08:29 materials

Without waiting to be told 'something must be done' by decision-makers, adidas and Parley for the Oceans have taken matters into their own hands, extracting litter from the sea to produce footwear. more

10 Dec 2015 16:34 industry

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's injection moulding expertise is the kingpin in producing high-spec ski boots carrying the prestigious Salomon and Atomic labels, enabling precise, complex manufacturing. more

11 Nov 2015 11:07 machinery

Sports shoes and 3D printing: a perfect fit?

Training shoes made with 3D printing technology could be a perfect fit for runners around the world. EPPM's Editor and running enthusiast Rose Brooke explores the idea of additive manufacturing the perfect trainers. more

9 Nov 2015 16:54 editor's blog

Huntsman and distribution partner Chemie Plast make TPUs the start of the show a Fakuma, presenting the material's broad range of applications. more

5 Oct 2015 12:11 industry


Adidas Group

Adidas and Parley for Oceans have presented a world first to the UN, a training shoe made using plastic ocean waste that demonstrates how big brands can use the vast resource of sea litter to make great products. more

9 Jul 2015 11:42 materials

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, has joined forces with Valencian company Inesfly to develop an insect-repelling material for sandals that could prevent the transmission of diseases carried by pests. more

21 May 2015 12:22 industry

DSM Shoe

DSM Engineering Plastics: DSMPR451

DSM's EcoPaXX has been utilised in a lightweight mountaineering boot, as its high-performance properties are perfect for good grip, endurance and the right balance of flexibility and rigidity required of a hiking shoe. more

15 Apr 2015 11:26 materials

Laser sintering technology has been used by New Balance to design a training shoe that is perfectly-suited for its wearer's individual foot strike pattern and gait. Could 3D-printed customised shoes therefore be the future of running? more

9 Apr 2015 14:02 materials


Copyright: Huntsman International LLC

Huntsman is bringing innovative TPU solutions for the footwear, cable and wire, non-optical aliphatic film and food contact markets to NPE. more

13 Feb 2015 14:12 industry

HP Fusion 3D Printing Sprocet


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