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A salty subject?

Crisps are more than just a guilty pleasure – their packaging is an environmental hazard. Rose Brooke – a crisp connoisseur – looks at why we can’t recycle crisp packets and what the most sustainable route is for them at end of life. more

26 Jun 2018 10:33 editor's blog

BOSS Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions

Separating polyolefins has been a tricky process in conventional facilities, but Scotland’s Impact Solutions has taken on a new plant to use its own innovation to separate PP from PE. more


Recycling black plastics: Real vs fake news

At a time when awareness of difficult-to-recycle plolymers is rising in the public consciousness, Impact Solutions' Steven Burns insists there are different perspectives where black plastic recycling is concerned. more

31 Aug 2017 11:31 guest blogs 1 Comments

BOSS Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions

Sink-float technology could be the future of efficient, economical post-consumer plastics separation and Impact Solutions in Scotland is pioneering a proven system that produces streams of >99 per cent pure PP and PE. more


Impact Solutions is standardising recycled plastics by establishing a new Centre of Excellence, which will conduct independent testing and support for plastics recyclers. more


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