Organisers for Interplastica in Moscow are reporting a successful exposition, after an increase in visitor numbers and renewed confidence in the Russian plastics sector. more

7 Feb 2017 09:43 industry

R&P Polyplastic will join a global gathering of plastic stakeholders to announce collaboration with BASF. more

23 Jan 2017 12:24 industry

Times may be uncertain for Russia both politically and economically, but the plastics industry could provide an oasis of stability. more

22 Sep 2016 10:18 industry

The organisers of interplastica went into 2016's edition with subdued expectations, but came out cheered and optimistic, with the post-show report indicating higher visitor numbers and a positive mood. more

12 Feb 2016 11:57 industry

AMUT GROUP is presenting itself as a complete solution provider for the plastics packaging industry at Interplastica, which takes place from January 26th-29th 2016 in Moscow. more

22 Jan 2016 11:46 machinery

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, a leading manufacturer of semi-finished engineering plastic materials, will present its complete polymer portfolio to the Russian plastics market at Interplastica 2016. more

13 Jan 2016 10:35 industry

Starlinger has set a new benchmark for the weaving of plastic packaging materials with its heavy-duty tape fabric production system the FX 10.0. more

7 Jan 2016 11:29 machinery

Recycling machinery champion EREMA is bringing some exciting news to Interplastica in Moscow next month, the announcement that it is founding a new Russian subsidiary. more

15 Dec 2015 12:13 industry

Russia's reliance on German plastics and rubber machinery has decreased, however the vast Eurasia nation remains a key export market for machinery manufacturers around the world, reports the VDMA. more

2 Dec 2015 16:04 industry


Kremlevskaya Naberezhnaja Moscow by Dmitry Azovtsev,, via Wikimedia Commons.

OFFICIAL POST-SHOW REPORT: Both Moscow trade shows, interplastica and UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA, record steady visitor flow. more

6 Feb 2015 12:24 industry

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