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The K Steam packaging film is designed to increase the shelf life of fresh produce. more

2 Jun 2017 16:04 industry

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By Charles Ward Photographers

KM’s Klarity+ adds to anti-fog improvements for peelable tray lids. more

30 Mar 2017 16:57 materials

KM Packaging Services' new KPeel lidding films range is expected to be particularly attractive to the premium supermarket brands, in addition to caterers for the healthcare and elderly markets thanks to its fool-proof characteristics. more

15 Sep 2015 15:56 materials

Giving foods a premium look, KM Packaging has launched its revolutionary KDome, which gives bulky foods a sense of occasion on shop shelves. more

1 Jul 2015 11:30 materials

KM Packaging has introduced a new flexible packaging solution for supermarket fruit and vegetable aisles, promoting hygiene and longevity for the foodstuffs within. more

9 Sep 2014 10:33 industry

A new premium packaging film has been launched, with a reportedly unique feel and texture. more

28 May 2013 11:56 materials

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