The European plastics industry has reassured stakeholders of its commitment to supporting the Circular Economy Package. more

22 Nov 2017 12:10 industry

European Green Capital Essen boasts 50 years of zero landfill

Essen, the European Green Capital for 2017, boasts unbelievable sustainability credentials for a post-industrial town including zero domestic rubbish to landfill since the 1960s. more

25 Jan 2017 12:29 editor's blog

An Australian start-up is gaining serious international traction for its Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor technology, which can transform paper, pulp and hard-to-recycle plastics into a petroleum substitute. more

19 Aug 2016 09:39 industry

At the PRE Annual Meeting in June 2016, delegates discussed how quality sorting is the key to increasing plastics recycling in Europe. more

8 Jul 2016 10:24 industry

TEPPFA members have committed to ambitious new plastic pipe recycling targets in Europe exceeding current targets set by VinylPlus. But these volumes will only be met if the EU reviews its legislation preventing some additives from being recycled. more

24 May 2016 10:02 industry

Ahead of RECOUP, the plastics recycling conference, speaker Prof Dr Helmut Maurer of the European Commission has called for a landfill ban and to approach plastics more intelligently, facilitating recycling, re-use and repair. more

11 May 2016 16:12 industry

After the success of bringing down plastic bag usage in a bid to curb waste with a 'plastic bag charge', could disposable coffee cups be next? more

18 Mar 2016 15:48 industry

EuPC has made its approval of the European Commission's new Circular Economy proposal known, but the organisation still feels the package needs to be yet more ambitious than its previous incarnation. more

4 Dec 2015 13:45 industry

Is Europe ready to pay for plastic bags?

Europe is preparing for a blanket plastic bag charge, but while the measure is good for the environment what does this mean for the consumer? more

7 Jan 2015 09:52 editor's blog

Scientists at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically-Inspired Engineering have developed a biodegradable material utilising properties from shrimp shells and spiders' webs. more

23 Oct 2014 14:35 materials

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