EuPC Food contact

Philippe Veldeman Photographer

The EuPC Food Contact Plastics Seminar, which took place last week (April 21st 2017), has fulfilled its main aim of bringing the European industry up to speed on current legislation and regulatory compliance. more

26 Apr 2017 16:33 industry

The European Commission is exploring the Dow/DuPont merger more closely, assessing how the deal will affect the agriculture and petrochemicals markets. more

15 Aug 2016 16:35 industry

Guest post: EU tariff suspension/quota laws are failing EU plastics converters

Polymer Comply Europe has a serious message to put across, addressing the need for change in EU law to support European plastics converting businesses. more

4 May 2016 11:43 guest blogs

ExxonMobil has extended the portfolio of its Vistamaxx performance polymers with the introduction of Vistamaxx 6502, which is US FDA and EU-approved for food contact. more

20 Nov 2015 11:03 materials

US lawmakers will vote to ban plastic microbeads, tiny grains of plastic often found in exfoliating products and toothpaste, as they are considered both an environmental and public health risk. more

19 Nov 2015 10:46 industry

Milacron will be defending legal action taken against it by Mid-America Machining, which has alleged the company's Uniloy designs infringe a family of US patents it owns. more

20 Jul 2015 15:22 industry

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