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The European Union Horizon 2020 research funding programme has awarded €1.47million to Polykemi, Luxus and One51. more

20 Jul 2017 16:23 industry

With 1.3 billion black plastic trays being missed by recycling sorting technologies and going straight to landfill in the UK every year, Colour Tone Director Tony Gaukroger is issuing a call to action. more

18 Apr 2017 15:49 materials

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Joanne Burgess

Luxus Group has bought Colour Tone Masterbatch to bring recyclable black plastic into car parts. more

9 Mar 2017 15:13 industry

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Luxus' automotive-approved recycled material Hycolene matches the mechanical properties of prime and following successful tests, is now available at full commercial scale. more

10 Feb 2017 14:35 materials

Luxus has joined Jaguar Land Rover to use part recycled plastics in car interiors more

18 Jan 2017 09:52 materials

Luxux Hycolene has been selected by RocTool as its high performance PP resin over standard prime material. more

25 May 2016 14:30 materials

Luxus has revealed that its high performance recycled content polymer range, Hycolene has surpassed expectations in its first full-scale commercial trial that took place in September at moulder IAC’s plant. more

16 Nov 2015 09:00 materials

Luxus has welcomed the experience and knowhow of Sajid Mohammed, the technical plastics compounder and recycler's new Associate Commercial Director. more

14 Sep 2015 11:00 industry

British technical compounder Luxus is part of a consortium with Jaguar Land Rover which has secured €1.4 million (£1 million) in investment co-funded by the EU Eco-innovation scheme. more

20 Apr 2015 16:34 materials

Luxus engineers in Louth are now able to satisfy the EU's growing regulatory demands for higher recycled content and sustainability. more

16 Sep 2014 15:49 materials

Funding from local authorities has enabled UK recycler Luxus to embark on a three year project that will enable R&D­ into recycled compounds for the automotive industry. more

18 Dec 2013 14:42 industry

UK plastics solutions provider Luxus will be exhibiting under the banner of ‘The fusion of Art, Science and Innovation’. more

30 Sep 2013 16:55 materials

Technical plastics recycling and compounding company Luxus and plastics additive manufacturer Milliken have been sponsored by the Renault-Nissan alliance to speak at the next international VDI conference, ‘Plastics in Automotive Engineering’. more

10 Jan 2013 12:32 industry

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