Swiss melt filters company Maag has bought the injection moulding firm Ettlinger. more

9 Jan 2018 14:49 machinery

A new automated filtration system from Maax has up to four variable-speed drives and 32 heating/ cooling zones. more

3 Jan 2018 16:04 machinery

C PEARLO copy.jpg

Michael Deutz, Bocholt

Pride of place for Maag will be its underwater pelletising system, PEARLO. more

29 Aug 2017 16:25 FAKUMA 2017

Maag has engineered a centrifugal dryer with the highest known capacity for drying polyolefins. more

10 May 2017 13:51 machinery


Stefanie Koesling

Maag has announced the release and availability of its new PEARLO Underwater Pelletizing System at K 2016. more

22 Oct 2016 18:34 industry

After acquiring Reduction Engineering Scheer in 2015, Maag Pump Systems has established a new market development taskforce in Grossostheim to handle European pulveriser sales. more

2 Sep 2016 15:28 machinery

A new standard in underwater pelletising from Maag is swimming K-wards, combining the capabilities of Maag and recently acquired companies Gala Industries and Reduction Engineering Scheer. more

16 Aug 2016 14:31 industry

New rotor sharpening centre in Thailand will support expanding customer base in a high-growth region for plastics manufacturing and processing more

27 May 2016 09:43 machinery

A second acquisition in nearly as many weeks serves to galvanise Maag's position as a worldwide solutions leader for plastics processing, as the Swiss company has revealed it is to acquire Reduction Engineering Scheer. more

10 Nov 2015 10:51 industry

Maag's planned acquisition of Gala Industries will cement its lead in the polymer and compounding industry. more

22 Oct 2015 10:00 industry

Maag Automatik is presenting its revolutionary OTP process for pelletising special engineering polymers at Fakuma 2015, in addition to its next-gen pumping technology. more

28 Aug 2015 14:33 industry

Maag's Optimized Temperature Pelltizing process produces super shiny pellets in a "revolutionary", energy efficient, closed-loop system. more

20 Jul 2015 11:50 machinery

Dover Solutions Group (Europe) GmbH will begin operating as Maag Pump Syetems AG yet again, effective immediately. more

3 Jun 2015 16:40 industry

The Maag brands “Maag Pump Systems” and “Automatik Pelletizing Systems” will show an extrex 90 extrusion pump as well as the CSC 116-RS arched screen changer at its booth B31 in Hall 13 at PLAST 2015 in Milan. more

4 May 2015 10:00 machinery

Maag will be showcasing an extrex 90 extrusion pump, as well as the CSC 116-RS arched screen changer at NPE. more

11 Feb 2015 17:10 industry

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