Marine Litter

the improvement of waste management in India is key to combatting marine litter and raising awareness

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IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen and its French partner association ELIPSO have welcomed the actions of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste as a step-change in combatting marine pollution Read more


‘Single-use’ word of the year highlights public urgency

Single-use is word of the year according to the Collins Dictionary, making 2018 the year plastics fell from grace. Read more

8 Nov 2018 16:21 editor's blog

The European parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning single-use plastic products, but what are stakeholders saying about the decision? Read more


Hard to swallow?

A never-before-seen study has found plastics had been consumed by every individual tested, but what does the presence of microplastics in our food chain mean? And what do we do now? Read more

23 Oct 2018 16:42 editor's blog

Desert island bits

Revisiting the original Blue Planet series, it’s easy to see how much of a difference there is between the first and second series. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke considers Blue Planet in light of a recent study of plastic pollution in the Pitcairn Islands. Read more

17 Aug 2018 10:49 editor's blog

Cutting off half the plastic waste flow in ten key rivers worldwide could block the flow of 45 per cent of the plastic waste at risk of floating into the sea, according to American Chemical Society research. Read more


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An all-women's scientific research expedition sets sail across the North Pacific Gyre investigating solution to ocean plastic pollution. Read more


Research from Brunel University finds global funds could help poor countries reduce pollution by 77 per cent. Read more


Out of sight, out of mind no more: An open letter to the plastics industry

Naturalist and author Sarah Roberts believes the plastics industry can put pressure on brand-owners to help consumers close the plastics circular economy loop, as the ocean plastic crisis reaches boiling point in the media. Read more

12 Feb 2018 11:20 guest blogs

AIMPLAS is coordinating a new project called REPESCA_PLAS with the aim of collecting more than 300 kg of marine litter in the ports of Gandia and Vigo. Read more



Over 370,000 people sign petition urging McDonald’s to stop using plastic straws. Read more


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Marine Conservation Society

Charity renews appeal for plastic charge through new campaign- ‘Would you care if it was you?’ Read more



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