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New hot runner mould recognition software has been released, reportedly capable of being operated quickly and reliably, even by inexperienced operators. more

7 Jun 2013 11:12 machinery

Three polyolefin producers have announced their intentions to exhibit at K2013 as a team. more

5 Jun 2013 16:14 industry

Arburg celebrated the 25th anniversary of its presence in Singapore last month with an exclusive event attended by 90 guests. more

4 Jun 2013 15:58 industry

A Leicester-based moulder and toolmaker has announced it has invested in two new all-electric machines for its latest project. more

4 Jun 2013 11:16 machinery

The European plastics industry remains strong despite the many challenges it faces, according to a report from K 2013. more

4 Jun 2013 10:52 industry

Many European nations have developed highly successful systems for the collection and recovery of plastics, says a K 2013 report. more

4 Jun 2013 10:42 industry

A new piece of software, which is now available with Dynsico’s LMI series melt-flow indexers aims to simplify the gathering, storing and management of data collected by the system. more

4 Jun 2013 09:36 machinery

For years now, phthalate-based plasticisers have hit the mainstream headlines for their reported side effects. The debate still rages on. Certain product lines have already been banned across Europe for use in specific applications. more

3 Jun 2013 16:01 materials

A European Rallycross Championship car made by Citroën is using Carbon-Kevlar composite body panels. more

3 Jun 2013 10:34 materials

A recycled PET joint venture has reached the milestone of processing half a billion bottles, just a year after it opened. more

31 May 2013 12:15 industry

A polymer stabiliser manufacturer has appointed a new Global Business Manager. more

31 May 2013 10:34 industry

A UK-based material recycler has ordered a new hydraulic injection moulding machine to its portfolio. more

31 May 2013 10:12 machinery

Human error is the main reason behind equipment failures in the process industries, according to a study. more

29 May 2013 11:48 industry

A European plastic closure manufacturer has developed a new cap for edible oil. more

29 May 2013 10:21 materials

A German-based producer claims it has developed a system that can lower energy costs for PET production. more

29 May 2013 09:56 machinery

German-based ProTec Polymer Processing has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director. more

28 May 2013 14:51 industry

A new premium packaging film has been launched, with a reportedly unique feel and texture. more

28 May 2013 11:56 materials

Union has announced it has updated its cast film extrusion systems for synthetic paper, reportedly aimed at the Asian market. more

28 May 2013 11:04 machinery

Songwon has appointed a new European Sales and Distribution Manager. more

28 May 2013 10:17 industry

AN Italian bottle manufacturer has developed a hot-fillable PET ketchup bottle, with the end goal being to compete with aseptic filling. more

24 May 2013 11:33 materials

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