The F-Plates from Meusburger offer numerous advantages when used as material for a mould base. The industry leader talks EPPM through the perfect material for the job. more

23 Nov 2017 16:05 industry

Meusburger offers a specially selected range of high-precision standard components and a matching range of products for the workshop for die casting moulds. more

25 Oct 2017 11:52 machinery

The Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery industry is experiencing continued demand from overseas markets. more

25 Sep 2017 17:07 machinery

A bottle polyester has been made in a joint project between Solvay and Husky. more

12 Sep 2017 12:32 materials

Moulding Expo 2017 pitches up for pitch-perfect second outing

Moulding Expo is on a growth trajectory, having found the sweet spot as a tool and mould making meeting place for the German and wider European industry. EPPM's Rose Brooke reports from the event's second outing. more

2 Jun 2017 09:51 editor's blog

Meusburger-PI-gear unit for stack moulds copy.jpg


Meusburger releases new gear unit for stack moulds more

10 May 2017 10:12 machinery



Moulding specialist KraussMaffei fits mould carrier for RTM processes at leading research centre in Munich. more

3 May 2017 10:39 machinery

Meusburger carousel

Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

In a fast-paced manufacturing world, standardisation can be the difference between being able to compete, and falling behind. Meusburger takes EPPM readers through the advantages of standardisation for die and mould making. more

18 Apr 2017 09:00 industry


wortundform, Entenbachstr. 35, 81541 Muenchen, +49 89 62500535

Landesmesse Stuttgart help push innovation and training in the moulding industry by providing funds for Tool Constuction Management at Schmalkalden University. more

7 Apr 2017 16:03 industry

European mould-making is world class for its cross-industry quality and for its value. At Moulding Expo, this will be the theme, and organiser Messe Stuttgart set the tone at its media event before the show in Portugal's moulding heartland. more

16 Mar 2017 11:28 industry


Mehnert Harald

A more ergonomic and scalable mould carrier for steering wheels has been launched by KraussMaffei. more

8 Mar 2017 16:44 machinery

An automotives mould maker has sped up CAD completion by over a third, after Vero Software redesigned its IT system to embrace Industry 4.0. more

13 Feb 2017 16:15 machinery

Stäubli has brought a demonstration cell to K 2016 in order to demystify just how automation solutions for injection moulding can open up a new world of productivity, process reliability and flexibility. more

21 Oct 2016 13:42 industry

The new Meusburger logic distributors facilitate the monitoring of die and injection moulding processes for die and mould-makers. more

11 Oct 2016 16:00 industry

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents, purging compounds and other ancillary moulding products, is boasting the HSE benefits of its Chemlease EZ Series. more

19 Sep 2016 09:59 materials

As a full-range supplier, HASCO will showcase a large number of interesting new products at K2016. more

5 Sep 2016 14:52 industry 2 Comments

At K 2016, SIGMA Engineering will debut both virtual and real production taking place in parallel on one booth. more

27 Jul 2016 10:14 industry

Stäubli Connectors Group Divisional Manager Andre Lucchetti gets the Q&A treatment on how Stäubli identifies the changing needs of the sector and responds with new products and solutions. more

20 Jul 2016 10:35 industry

Meusburger's lectures and comprehensive facility tour at the INNONET Plastic meeting has made a positive impression on the delegation. more

1 Jun 2016 09:45 industry



Netstal, Plastisud and Machines Pagès are celebrating a successful two-day injection compression moulding event for French packaging experts. more

15 Mar 2016 09:30 machinery

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