At Fakuma 2017 Netstal will be presenting a complete system for manufacturing multi-layer coffee capsules with IML. more

8 Sep 2017 10:44 FAKUMA 2017

Roth, a mould making firm based in Thuringia, Germany, held a Packaging Day on May 23rd to show off use of its new machinery. more

16 Jun 2017 09:47 machinery


Mehnert Harald

Swiss injection moulder builder Netstal has confirmed an installation of an ELIOS 7500 at Plastisud, a high precision mould maker. more

28 Feb 2017 11:03 machinery



October's most-read headlines

We're trying to remember what happened in October? Something about a show? In Düsseldorf? We're not sure, so maybe we should review our most-read stories of the month roundup to jog our memories? more

28 Oct 2016 11:38 editor's blog


Mehnert Harald

KraussMaffei premiered its new all-electric made-to-measure PX machine series at K 2016, promising flexibility, precision and productivity throughout its lifetime, while introducing the much-hyped ELIOS 7500-4200 from Netstal. more

19 Oct 2016 13:10 industry

Netstal has experienced a significant growth trend in Mexico, in packaging, closures and medical technology in particular. more

4 Aug 2016 09:39 industry

At K 2016, Netstal will present the ELIOS 7500, a new injection moulding machine with newly developed, lightning quick electrical clamping unit. more

4 Jul 2016 09:00 industry

Netstal will exemplify its accumulated expertise as a provider of system solutions at K 2016 with a live demonstration on production of pipette tips on an all-electric ELION 2800-870. more

27 Jun 2016 11:00 industry

KraussMaffei Group is promoting the implementation of Industry 4.0 in plastics processing under the umbrella term "Plastics 4.0" at K 2016, where it will showcase intelligent machines, networked production processes and interactive services. more

17 Jun 2016 15:12 industry

At Netstal's Polish representative Muehsam-Elektromech's stand at Plastpol, Netstal will present the production of high-quality flip-top closures on an all-electric ELION 2200 more

6 May 2016 10:42 machinery



Netstal, Plastisud and Machines Pagès are celebrating a successful two-day injection compression moulding event for French packaging experts. more

15 Mar 2016 09:30 machinery

"Positioned for future growth", ChemChina is to acquire plastics processing giant KraussMaffei for €925 million after several days of media speculation. more

11 Jan 2016 09:32 industry

What better way to relive the excitement of Fakuma than through a short film? Verstraete IML has released its Flashback Fakuma 2015 video of the exciting in-mould labelling activity taking place on six booths at the show. more

2 Nov 2015 09:36 industry

The KraussMaffei Group is pioneering the Industry 4.0 movement with Plastics 4.0 - a vision the company believes will eliminate defects in plastics processing. more

14 Oct 2015 11:04 industry

Netstal is bringing a world first to Fakuma 2015: injection compression moulding on a stack mould. The innovation will be demonstrated on a 425g margarine tub made with PP that is manufactured with 4+4 cavities on an ELION 2800-2000. more

8 Sep 2015 14:04 industry

Polish representative Muehsam-Elektromech is presenting Netstal's all-electric ELION 1750 for maximum precision for medical applications at Plastpol. more

26 May 2015 15:32 industry

Netstal is bringing its expertise in medical and packaging plastics processes to PLAST 2015, including a live pen piston guide manufacturing demonstration. more

30 Mar 2015 16:08 machinery

Netstal will demonstrate the production of a 16 oz container on an EVOS 5500-2900 at NPE2015. more

20 Mar 2015 09:40 industry

Netstal will demonstrate the production of 44 oz stadium cups with IMLs on a hybrid ELION 3200 at NPE2015, showcasing its leading market position in the packaging sector. more

27 Jan 2015 16:07 industry

2013 was a big year for machine launches - which is to be expected in a K year. Nevertheless, there were more than a few surprises along the way. more

6 Dec 2013 09:27 machinery

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