Plastic bags

Nestlé Waters and RECOUP host event to raise awareness of the importance of plastics recycling at the Buxton Spring Fair on 7th May 2018. more


England is introducing a deposit scheme for plastic drinks bottles and other packaging, a move Environment Secretary Michael Gove says will "take action on plastic bottles to help clean up our ocean". more


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Félix Miessen

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has conducted a recent study proving plastic to be the material with the overall lowest impact to the environment. more


The announcement the UK Government has made to stamp out all 'avoidable plastics' in 25 years in an ambitious plan has sparked numerous opinions from decision-makers, industry and environmentalists. more




Munch ado about mothlings: Caterpillars eat plastic bags, creating ethylene glycol syrup for PET production. more


Starlinger sacks off stitched packs, highlighting IC*STAR welded closure strips at Interpack. more


A food film blend has been made by FKuR to provide biodegradable bags that match a new French packaging law. more


A manufacturer of additives has produced a reusable shopping bag to stop crosscontamination of groceries, after finding a widespread lack of knowledge about germ-free bags. more




Perstorp is leading by example and stepping up to the responsibilities everybody from materials developer to consumer needs to accept in order to preserve the environment. more


Bag Ladies

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Bags for beds

A group of keen crocheters have transformed over 52,000 used plastic bags into waterproof, insulating bedding for the homeless in the US. more

23 Sep 2016 15:46 editor's blog

DEFRA reveals that the plastic bag charge has directly led to six billion fewer plastic bags being taken home in the UK, benefitting the environment and good causes all over the country from the money raised. more


After the success of bringing down plastic bag usage in a bid to curb waste with a 'plastic bag charge', could disposable coffee cups be next? more


Turkish plastics association PAGEV took action upon seeing a photo of an Afghan child's homemade football jersey, a plastic bag with his hero Messi's name and number drawn on the back. more



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Perstorp has launched its new renewable Capa lactide technology into the market - which is a world first innovation for bioplastics, according to the company. more


EPPM's most-read stories: The October edit

Fakuma, plastic bags, investment in pipe technology for oil and gas and 3D printing managed to pique the interest of EPPM's readers in October. We review the top news stories of the month. more

30 Oct 2015 14:02 editor's blog

Some sensible words about the plastic bag levy

'Meltdown', 'a tangle of red tape' and 'crisis' - just some of the words the British media has used to describe the plastic bag levy imposed on English shoppers today. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke pours cold water on the panic. more

5 Oct 2015 17:02 editor's blog

Rubbish bags

ExxonMobil Chemical

Granic has developed a masterbatch using Vistamaxx performance polymers for the production of lightweight, durable rubbish bags with a high recycled material concentration for the European market and beyond. more


EU plastic bag levy voted in

The European Parliament has voted in the plastic bag levy - which will come as no shock to consumers in the EU but in Hong Kong - where a similar levy came into force recently - it's proving a little more tricky to adapt. more

29 Apr 2015 17:13 editor's blog

Flexible polythene packaging specialist, Reform Plastics (Derby) Ltd. has invested in a BMTEK ETL 1.4 Automatic Bag Making Machine supplied exclusively in the UK by Packaging and Converting machinery supplier Optimation Ltd. more


Packaging and recycling are hard to separate for Starlinger, but is it business as usual for the company in 2015? Or is the plastic processing giant facing new opportunities, challenges and trends? more


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