Plastics Recyclers Europe

Plastic Recyclers Europe has warned that poor quality PET recyclate is proliferating, due to outdated collection systems, high moisture in bales because of thinner flakes and more complex waste streams. more

18 Jul 2017 09:11 materials

Following its creation in October 2016, the founding partners of the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform have come together to help increase the circular economy. more

10 May 2017 10:17 industry

Successful integration of EREMA’s newest companies PURE LOOP and UMAC contributed to the recycling firm’s record results. more

13 Apr 2017 17:01 industry

The plastics packaging value chain has been given added Circular Economy support, as a new collaboration aims to improve polyolefins-based packaging recycling rates. more

1 Nov 2016 08:31 industry

Represented by EuPC, PlasticsEurope and PRE, the European plastics industry is calling for an accord with the European Commission as to the common demands for the Circular Economy. more

19 Sep 2016 12:38 industry

At the PRE Annual Meeting in June 2016, delegates discussed how quality sorting is the key to increasing plastics recycling in Europe. more

8 Jul 2016 10:24 industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe has remarked that the market for recycled plastics in Europe is resisting the affects of low oil prices, with the experts explaining the matter further at next week's Plastics Recycling Show 2016. more

17 Mar 2016 15:38 industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe has welcomed figures that show rates of plastic waste collection have risen, however the amount of plastic reaching plants has not climbed in parallel. more

19 Nov 2015 17:10 industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe believes the ongoing trend to produce colourful PET packaging could put added strain on the PET recycling market, as the market for re-processed coloured plastic is too small. more

27 May 2015 15:43 industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe has released a set of ‘design-for-recycling’ guidelines for PET trays. more

30 Sep 2014 13:35 industry

Experts from the Polish plastics industry as well as foreign representatives from the sector met at a conference in Warsaw to discuss and debate pressing issues of the plastics industry in Poland. more

28 May 2014 10:42 industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE), Europe’s plastic recycling industry body, has launched a new tool which it claims can help packaging manufacturers improve the recyclability of their products. more

9 May 2014 15:04 industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE), a representative body for Europe’s recyclers, appears to have backed a recent claim that “biodegradable plastic bags are a myth”. more

24 Feb 2014 15:19 industry 1 Comments

Plastics Recyclers Europe confirmed steady growth of plastics recycling during its Annual Meeting 2013 which took place on the 21st and 22nd of November in Amsterdam and gathered more than 170 participants. more

26 Nov 2013 09:09 industry

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