Plastic waste: An embarrassing reminder of our throwaway society

Plastic waste was in the news and on the radio this week, and EPPM Editor Rose Brooke brought the argument that the blame cannot lie solely at the feet of the industry when what we need is investment and education. more

7 Dec 2017 17:02 editor's blog

Fumes from steel mills will make plastics, as Covestro explains its new pan-European project. more

18 Oct 2017 11:15 industry

Microscopic plastics

The Scottish Association for Marine Science

A study of marine life living more than 2,000 m under the North Atlantic Ocean has revealed that half of these deep-sea creatures contain microplastic materials. more

23 Aug 2017 16:30 industry

China has raised the drawbridge on incoming plastic and paper waste shipments from overseas, which it says is polluting the country's environment. more

20 Jul 2017 11:52 industry

  • Environmental Pollution

    Herianus Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Environmental Pollution

    Environmental Pollution on the Beach

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