Global chemicals group BASF has laid out changes to its Board of Directors ahead of its May AGM. more

2 Jan 2018 14:49 industry

A major technology refit of Constantia's film extrusion site in Weiden, Germany will provide extra capacity for stand up pouches. more

22 Sep 2017 09:43 industry

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Airpaq, a backpack firm based in Cologne, has smashed a crowdfunding target by nearly 400 per cent as its pack design proves popular. more

21 Jul 2017 15:50 materials

The 25th PEPP conference in Düsseldorf will bring the PP and PE suppy chain together with speakers from a range of major companies. more

25 May 2017 11:23 industry



Munch ado about mothlings: Caterpillars eat plastic bags, creating ethylene glycol syrup for PET production. more

28 Apr 2017 15:53 industry

BOSS Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions

Sink-float technology could be the future of efficient, economical post-consumer plastics separation and Impact Solutions in Scotland is pioneering a proven system that produces streams of >99 per cent pure PP and PE. more

28 Apr 2017 14:25 machinery

US films manufacturer Addivant has applied its antioxidant Weston 705 PE resins to LLDPE packaging, now on retailer's shelves. more

21 Mar 2017 16:56 materials

LyondellBasell, developer of PP and PE materials based in Rotterdam, provides Hostalen ACP process to a Chinese refinery opening in 2018. more

14 Mar 2017 12:15 materials

The benefits of a long-term partnership can pay dividends down the line and Schur Flexibles Group and Vetaphone have proved this with their relationship that dates back some 50 years. more

26 Oct 2016 16:38 industry


Louise Adhikari, Director, Olympic Engagement & Business Operations, Olympic & Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company

Unbeknownst to spectators, supporters and athletes, Dow's polyurethane technology made the 2016 Olympic Games more comfortable and efficient. The materials science giant gives us the rundown of the part it played in Rio. more

25 Aug 2016 12:48 materials

ExxonMobil Chemical has launched its new optimum solution for collation shrink films in the Enable product line, the new Enable 40-02 mPE. more

21 Apr 2016 10:16 materials

Microbeads: The barefaced truth

The pressure is on for a microbead ban from toiletries in Europe. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke gathers a little more information about these minuscule plastic grains and why we're losing nothing as consumers by boycotting them. more

15 Mar 2016 16:55 editor's blog

The new and improved Polyethylene Lumicene M3427 for artificial grass for sports fields has been handed the Total Ecosolutions label. more

29 Feb 2016 13:59 materials

Rani Plast of Finland, is adding large-scale blown film capabilities with a new Davis-Standard line equipped with a 2.3-meter seven-layer Centrex IBC die - the largest ever. more

30 Dec 2015 11:00 machinery

Avery Dennison launched two bio-based polyethylene label films at Labelexpo Europe 2015. more

23 Oct 2015 14:56 materials

Some sensible words about the plastic bag levy

'Meltdown', 'a tangle of red tape' and 'crisis' - just some of the words the British media has used to describe the plastic bag levy imposed on English shoppers today. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke pours cold water on the panic. more

5 Oct 2015 17:02 editor's blog

Axion Polymers has introduced new polymer grades of ABS, PE and PP, recycled from end-of-life automotive and WEEE resources, following further investment in its plastics refinery plant to increase extrusion capacity and improve melt filtration tech. more

24 Aug 2015 09:00 materials

TOMRA Sorting Recycling's automated sorting technology is being adopted across Europe. Frédéric Durand explains just how innovative sensor-based sorting and automation is improving both efficiency and the end product. more

19 Jun 2015 14:33 industry

Rubbish bags

ExxonMobil Chemical

Granic has developed a masterbatch using Vistamaxx performance polymers for the production of lightweight, durable rubbish bags with a high recycled material concentration for the European market and beyond. more

27 May 2015 12:15 materials

KraussMaffei Berstorff is winning over customers around the world with its cutting-edge pelletising systems for processing rigid PVC. more

24 Apr 2015 12:13 machinery

HP Fusion 3D Printing Sprocet


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