A survey by PlasticsEurope has shown a worrying lack of progress for household plastics separation in three major European nations. more

29 Nov 2017 14:25 machinery

The pan-European network started out in 1997 with seven founding organisations and has since grown to encompass 20 partners from 17 countries. more

10 Jul 2017 11:31 industry

The latest ‘Recyclability by Design’ report by RECOUP has been approved by a group headed by the BPF and Plastics Europe. more

6 Feb 2017 15:17 industry

Ahead of RECOUP, the plastics recycling conference, speaker Prof Dr Helmut Maurer of the European Commission has called for a landfill ban and to approach plastics more intelligently, facilitating recycling, re-use and repair. more

11 May 2016 16:12 industry

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