Henry Ford may have had it right about how to make cars look good, but when it comes to packaging, black is becoming unfashionable. Here are what two major organisations are suggesting manufacturers do to stop black plastic from being landfilled. more


OK, so it’s not magic – but NIR sorting technology is a real life dark art, allowing black plastics to be separated for recycling thanks to technology such as Ampacet’s black masterbatch solutions. more



DSM Engineering Plastics

DSM and Starboard collaboration transforms discarded fishing nets from waste into high-end surfboard components. more


In a post-China waste import ban world, the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy (CEWEP) is optimistic, publishing optimistic data in its 2018 Waste-to-Energy Waste Barometer. more


In an exclusive from our sister title Packaging Europe, Amcor sets out to transform the circular capability of flexible packaging with the launch of a new polyolefin barrier film – a platform technology for packaging a huge variety of products. more


Awakening of the Eco Warrior 2.0

The war on plastics has led to the awakening of the Eco Warrior 2.0, but does this well-meaning everyday environmental activist need another upgrade if change is really going to happen? more

7 Sep 2018 15:43 editor's blog

Agricultural film is a huge challenge for plastics recyclers, as large quantities need to be collected for recycling but the process of decontaminating these used agricultural films is expensive and resource-intensive. more


Borealis has reiterated its commitment to plastic recycling and developing recycling technologies with the completion of its acquisition of Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling. more


France is introducing a penalty system next year that will raise the cost of goods packaged with non-recyclable plastics. more


Desert island bits

Revisiting the original Blue Planet series, it’s easy to see how much of a difference there is between the first and second series. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke considers Blue Planet in light of a recent study of plastic pollution in the Pitcairn Islands. more

17 Aug 2018 10:49 editor's blog

Veolia will collect 120 million coffee cups for recycling in 2019. more


LyondellBasell has announced a collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to advance the chemical recycling of plastic materials. more


The EU sponsors €2.6 million (approximately £2.3 million) to “Zero Cabin Waste” pilot project in Madrid to address opportunities for more sustainable packaging. more


Cutting off half the plastic waste flow in ten key rivers worldwide could block the flow of 45 per cent of the plastic waste at risk of floating into the sea, according to American Chemical Society research. more


The University of Georgia has published its findings into the impact China’s National Sword ban on plastic waste imports will have on the global volume of plastic waste. more


A case for plastic drinking straws

Plastics straws are the new coffee cups – enemy number one for the environmental warrior and a new must-have for the sustainable sipper. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke looks at a compelling case in favour of keeping plastic straws, as they are vital tools f more

20 Jul 2018 15:44 editor's blog

Fish nets are making an appearance on the football pitch – as recycled plastic materials thanks to adidas’s push to bring more recycled plastics into sportswear. more



Rose Brooke

‘Recyclable’ should always have meant ‘recyclable’

PRE and the Association of Plastic Recyclers have come together to ensure ‘recyclable’ means ‘recyclable’ in plastics, but EPPM Editor Rose Brooke questions why this definition even needs to be made, and for whose benefit? more

18 Jul 2018 16:27 editor's blog

Nestlé Waters and RECOUP host event to raise awareness of the importance of plastics recycling at the Buxton Spring Fair on 7th May 2018. more


Borealis to acquire Austrian plastics recycling company Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling. more



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    Recovered non-ferrous metal.

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