Reduction Engineering Scheer

After acquiring Reduction Engineering Scheer in 2015, Maag Pump Systems has established a new market development taskforce in Grossostheim to handle European pulveriser sales. more

2 Sep 2016 15:28 machinery

A new standard in underwater pelletising from Maag is swimming K-wards, combining the capabilities of Maag and recently acquired companies Gala Industries and Reduction Engineering Scheer. more

16 Aug 2016 14:31 industry

Reduction Engineering Scheer has expanded its line of cooling conveyors with the introduction of a new Stainless Steel Conveyor which cools highly hydroscopic materials during strand pelletising. more

9 Mar 2016 14:00 machinery

Reduction Engineering Scheer has introduced a new line of fully pharmaceutical-grade strand pelletisers for use in applications where pharmaceutical drugs are mixed with active ingredients in an extruder. more

3 Feb 2016 15:39 machinery

A second acquisition in nearly as many weeks serves to galvanise Maag's position as a worldwide solutions leader for plastics processing, as the Swiss company has revealed it is to acquire Reduction Engineering Scheer. more

10 Nov 2015 10:51 industry

Reduction Engineering has been nurturing its sales and service presence around the world, which has paved the way for the US-based company to introduce better pelletising systems to the European market. more

13 Oct 2015 13:00 machinery

German specialist in the development and manufacturing of strand pelletising, Reduction Engineering GmbH in Korntal-Muenchingen - is bringing something of a fresh face to Fakuma. more

24 Aug 2015 11:31 industry

Compounding is coming home according to Reduction Engineering Scheer, as more manufacturers take advantage of the cost savings afforded by automation. Paul Merich gave us his expert insights. more

14 Aug 2015 14:04 industry

Reduction Engineering Scheer's new pulveriser line offers users faster clean out and better efficiency. more

18 Feb 2015 17:06 industry

Reduction Engineering Scheer is gearing up for a momentous NPE appearance, where it will be launching new products. more

22 Jan 2015 08:30 industry

Reduction Engineering Scheer has launched a new cutting chamber for large strand pelletisers. The company states that it has designed the chamber in such a way that allows for fast removal with less downtime. more

17 Feb 2014 11:11 machinery

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