University of Leuven

Frie Van Grunderbeeck, via Wikimedia Commons

An impact resistance- and fatigue-testing study by the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Leuven has found that Telene, a thermoset PDCPD, demonstrates exceptional impact strength and fatigue resistance. more

23 Dec 2015 14:00 materials

DuPont's Zytel PA612 and Hytres TPC-ET have met automotive requirements to stand up to temperature, acid resistance and extended air duct conditions. more

22 Oct 2015 11:51 materials

Royal DSM has announced that, together with ZKW Group, its Arnite XL-T material has been used in the new Audi Q7 for automotive headlight applications. more

17 Sep 2015 11:56 materials

International Extrusion specialist battenfeld-cincinnati has unleashed the power of its new superior tungsten carbide (STC) coating, which it launched at NPE 2015. The coating offers customers strong anti-wear protection for plasticising units. more

18 May 2015 09:37 materials

Niederzissen-headquartered compounder AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is proud to produce aliphatic polyketone compounds, which boast outstanding mechanical properties. more

1 May 2015 10:14

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